Saturday, 1 January 2011

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010. Day Two.

The Invisible Dot Inaugural 3-Sided Football Tournament.

My friend Sam and I spent forever walking to the Amnesty football match and then ended up catching a taxi with Anna and James to The Meadows after we'd realised we were at the wrong football match. It was a very pleasant afternoon despite the mistake.

Sophie Black: A Sketch Show.

Enjoyable characters, but the show seemed to fall a little bit flat as a whole.

Delete The Banjax... And You!

Delightful! Dan Cook just has to walk on stage and I burst out laughing. Very high energy sketches; at the end of August they must feel like death.

Dommett And Lampaert.

They each did about 20 minutes of solo material and 20 minutes of banter between themselves and the audience. Much fun. The audience was chokers with teenage girls.

Frisky & Mannish: The College Years.

I adore Frisky and Mannish, but I didn't enjoy this show as much as last year's show. Wee bit self-indulgent at times. Rocking audience. Great Beyoncé impersonation.

John-Cooper Clarke.

I was so tired by the time I took my seat at the Udderbelly. I enjoyed the poetry, but he did an awful lot of chatting which I wasn't so keen on.

A thought.

Had the best conversation about cereal (mainly Sugar Puffs) while walking to the Pleasance Courtyard from The Meadows. My friends ROCK.

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