Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Jackson's Way. The Invisible Dot HQ.

I'm just going to say this before I start, The Invisible Dot HQ is one of my favourite places in the ENTIRE world.

In Jackson's Way, Will Adamsdale plays Chris John Jackson, an American life coach and motivational speaker. Jackson has dedicated his life to completing pointless tasks ("jactions" - a jaction is a pointless task performed by an individual until they feel physically sick e.g. Transfering rubbish from one side of the city to the other or staring at a wall...) and is only too happy to educate the audience and attempt to get us on board. The show is full of underlying meanings - so clever.

My favourite moment was when the audience participated in a "compound jaction". Halfway through, when a punter got up and talked about his first best friend, I laughed so hard that I had trouble breathing.

At first Jackson seems quirky but towards the end, we see glimpses of a deeply troubled man. His jargon was superb and I really enjoyed the accent. Such a great night.

A thought.

The clinking of a spoon hitting the glass as you finish an ice cream sundae has to be one of the best sounds ever.

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