Saturday, 4 September 2010

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010. Day One.

Kevin Eldon is Titting About at The Stand.

This show was one hell of a Fringe debut! Eldon combined lots of little bits and pieces that he's good at into the hour - characters, music, stand-up. Intimate and high energy; completely ace.

Simon Munnery: Self Employed at The Stand.

Like Josie, Munnery starts the show off with character comedy before doing about 45 minutes of straight stand-up. He played a french waiter at La Concepta Restaurant - brilliantly absurd and silly stuff.

I'd heard quite a bit of the stand-up before, which didn't diminish it at all. He reminded me so much of John Hegley.

Joe Lycett and Andrew Ryan - An Hour Of Humour at The White Horse.

The room at the back of The White Horse was packed to the rafters for the Free Fringe event, so much so, that I had to perch on a stool at the foot of the stage.

Andrew does pretty standard stand-up, but his charm wins you over. Every time he said "tank" (as in "thank"), I smiled from the inside, out. Gosh, I love accents.

Joe does quite whimsical observational comedy and is incredibly lovely. I was chosen to hand him little bits of paper with subjects written on them from a folder to determine what he would talk about next.

Adam Hills Mess Around.

Basically Adam Hills creates a new show every night based on audience members and only a few rehearsed stories to bulk it out. Very funny and very brave. It was ace to spend time with my friend Sam whom I don't get to see very much.

Tripod Versus The Dragon.

I don't know much about Dungeons and Dragons, but that didn't stop me from enjoying Tripod's show (a musical based on said game). The 3 lads have a wonderful chemistry and Elana Stone has the most wonderful voice (and is very nice to look at). It massively overran which meant I was very late for Gutted.


Simply BRILLIANT. Cast, band, music, lyrics, dialogue... I don't know what else to say. The Penny Dreadfuls have the best musical number. Thom Tuck and Colin Hoult's performances were outstanding.

A thought.

Sam, of 'Or So I Thought...' fame, is an immensely talented writer. His blog 'Why Cowards Is At The Centre Of Comedy' is one of the best blogs I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

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