Sunday, 30 January 2011

Impromptu Horne Section. The Invisible Dot HQ.

This tweet form Alex Horne saw my friends and I heading to Camden on Monday night unexpectedly. I like free things, especially good free things.

A few new bits were tried out on front of a sympathetic audience including a new song by Joe Auckland for the female Battleships captain, spotlight on the saxophonist, Mark Brown (where Horne described the saxophone as a "metal snake" and Brown made 'Kumbaya' sound sexy), and an improvised song by Tim Key.

Key just gets better and better. LONG LIVE TIM KEY.

The guests included Johann Lippowitz (who mimed the words to Natalie Imprulia's 'Torn'), Brett Domino (doing a Justin Timberlake medley), an opera singing police officer and The Wagon Tales.

A thought.

The staff at American Apparel on Oxford St. are some of the rudest people I have ever encountered. Just because they're cool doesn't mean they can behave like a cunts.

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