Sunday, 2 January 2011

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010. Day Seven.

Smith & Smith: A Matter Of Life, Death And Middle-Distance Running.

James W Smith did the first 30 minutes and spoke about death, while Daniel Smith did the last 30 minutes and spoke about life. Shame the man in the front row fell asleep; these are promising young comedians, sir. Hungover.

Footlights In 'Good For You'.

Fancy set, but mediocre sketches. James Moran was the stand out performer for me. Still hungover.

Claudia O'Doherty: Moster Of The Deep 3D.

SO GOOD. Whimsical packed story about the last survivor of an underwater colony. The ending filled me with happiness. 'Africa' by Toto will forever bring a smile to my face after seeing this show.

The Invisible Dot Club: By The Sea.

We were taken to a large hall by the sea on a series of coaches that played old seaside tunes. The gig was compered by Daniel Kitson and featured Colin Hoult, Tim Key and Josie Long. All attendees were given custom made sticks of rock when leaving the venue. Lovely.

A thought.

7 pints of beer is too much.

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