Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mega Catch Up Blog.

A recap, because i'm lazy.

Pajama Men: In The Middle Of No One. Soho Theatre. Shenoah and Mark are back with a new show! Brian Logan gave them an absolutely wonderful review in the Gaurdian.

Chicken Soup With Barley. Royal Court Theatre. I may or not not have booked to see this because Tom Rosenthal was in it *shifty eyes*. The play was about a Jewish family living in East London during the 30's, 40's and 50's. The cast were stellar. Trailer.

ACMS. New Lion Theatre. This over-ran too much for me to really enjoy it unfortunately. Marcel Lucont and Tim Key were faves (loved Key's bulldog clip).

David O'Doherty: Somewhere Over The David O'Doherty. Underbelly On The Southbank. I enjoyed the parts that weren't work-in-progress; still a bit of work to be done on the new stand-up. He wore the most kick-arse cape.

The Story Project 3. Southwark Playhouse. I saw Katy Wix tweet about this event; a series of plays from different writers being performed at The Vault at Southwark Playhouse. I preferred the lighthearted and comedic plays the best (the one about the gay dating agency was AWESOME).

The Special Relationship. Concrete. The guests included Josie Long, Ryan van Winkle and Jonny Woo. Van Winkle was extremely captivating. Sam Taradash and Jarrad McGinnis were on fine form.

Feature Spot Presents: Milton Jones. 100 Club. Joining Milton was Tony Law, Tom Allen and Rich Fulcher, the MC was Dan Atkinson. Atkinson was frickin' awesome - so much love for that man and his incredible comedy skills. Allen was also brilliant.

Realism. Soho Theatre. A play about the inner thoughts of a middle-aged, single man. Rather bizarre.

Totally Tom Preview. Etcetera Theatre. Fantastic show for Edinburgh Fringe first timers, Totally Tom. Their sketch about a German father and son was genius. If I was casting for an up and coming comedy series, I would snap up Tom Stourton in an instant.

David O'Doherty Presents: Rory Sheridan's Tales Of The Antarctica/David O'Doherty Is Looking Up Preview. The Invisible Dot HQ. Oh man, O'Doherty's Tales of the Antarctica was all kinds of awesome - am desperately trying to fit it into my Edinburgh schedule as I HAVE TO see it again. The new stand-up had come along leaps and bounds since I saw it at Underbelly on the Southbank.

Docklands Sinfonia. St Anne's Church. I always start flagging during the second half; really must stop doing that. The solo violinist, Jeanie Thorpe, was absolutely amazing and a quick Google tells me she's only 22!

Toby Preview: Lucky. The Invisible Dot HQ. This was meant to be a BBQ preview with Nick Helm, but unfortunately Helm had to pull out. Fun show, although I wished it had a few more sketches and a little less film.

Comedy Gold.Old Queen's Head. The first time i'd been to this gig; 'twas well lovely. Enjoyed Daniel Rigby's Trivial Persuit story, Loretta Maine (aka Pippa Evans) made me yearn for a longer set, Matt Kirshen seemed to riff for half and hour and Tom Stade ducked in an out of good and fucking hilarious material.

Horne Section Preview. Soho Theatre. Horne Section are back with all new songs and games (the song replacing The Side Man made me laugh so much)! I will never be able to say a bad thing about this show. The guests were James Acaster and "The Mysterious Fletch" - 2 of my all time fave comedians! Yaaaaay.

Tim Key Preview: Masterslut. The Invisible Dot HQ. I spent the evening on my own, but had the best time. Golly, that Key is good. Wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL films and a bath. Can't wait to see the show again at the Fringe.

Dong. Rich Mix. Comedy and Hip Hop fusion featuring DJ Big Ted, Fergus Craig, Ramesh Ranganathan, Nick Helm and Abandoman. Fun. I love Fergus Craig's Lil Wayne routine so, so much. Also, Nick Helm is bloody brilliant!!

A thought.

When I see someone doing something idiotic, I always say "you're and idiot!" Grinch-style in my head. Satisfying.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Tune Yards, The Haunt, Brighton.

Taking a trip to Brighton to see Tune Yards when their London gig sold out was the best and worst decision i've ever made. The gig was IN-CRED-A-BLE, but I didn't get home until 3am... on a Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

The support was an American chap who played the keyboard and drums simultaneously and a 2 man acoustic duo called Thousands. They were both good, but nowhere near as good as Tune Yards - the place went off when Merrill Garbus and band took to the stage. Her vocals blew me away. Get a load of this! We had awesome seats too, which is ace when you're short.

A thought.

I wish I could pull off cool hair like Garbus.

Robin Hood. British Film Institute.

I've been wanting to take a trip to the BFI for ages. A lovely friend alerted me to their Disney season; a perfect time to go.

I hadn't seen Robin Hood since I was very, very little. Not one of my favoutite Disney films, but still good. There needs to be more animations where animals have human qualities and burst into song throughout.

A thought.

I love when people clap at the end of a film in the cinema.