Thursday, 6 January 2011

September 2010.

My memory is a little hazy.

Greenwich Comedy Festival. David O'Doherty.

DOD played the Speigal Tent which meant my view was slightly skewed. No matter, he still rocked me in quite a gentle way. His waffling introduction is always a highlight - this one included an Alf impression behind the sound desk.

Relief-O-Matic. Bloomsbury Theatre.

A charity gig for AIDS awareness is Africa which included the likes of Robin Ince, Ed Byrne, Ben Goldacre, Natalie Haynes, Andy Zaltzman, Richard Herring and Tim Minchin.

It was the first time i'd heard 'The Pope Song' live. Minch also covered Elton John's 'Crocodile Rock' which was absolutely brilliant.

Feature Spot. Tabernacle.

Rufus Hound kinda gave the "middle class" audience a bit of stick during his set which didn't go down all that well. Tim Key and Carl Donnelly shared their "taking a dump in public" anecdotes (HILARIOUS). Adam Buxton's hour long headline spot seemed to fly by - encore, Buxton, encore!

Bill Bailey's Dandelion Mind. Leicester Square Theatre.

My first Bill Bailey show and it definitely didn't disappoint! The man is crazy in completely the best way possible. The stage was littered with all sorts of musical instruments that, I thought, were largely underused. Adored the Tenori-on and the ending number.

Joke Party. Wilmington Arms.

I think Fergus Craig is such an awesome comedian. His Paul Gascoigne material is more than fine, but was hoping for characters. We got the former.

Anna & Katy tried out sketches for their new Channel 4 show. THEY WERE AWESOME. At one point Katy turned to Anna and said "you're quite funny", "likewise" came the response.

I thought the last act, Willfredo, was woeful. A repulsive man singing a song while spitting and spilling his beer will never be funny.

FREEZE. The Invisible Dot HQ.

Tom Basden and Tim Key did funnies while getting drunk onstage. Key ate a spider; he also said "you know you're too drunk when you can't let go of the microphone". I did lots of hearty laughing.

Helen Arney's Songs For Modern Loving. Leicester Square Theatre.

This was the last outing for Helen Arney's 2010 Edinburgh Fringe show. She is such a delight to watch. I'm so glad she did 'Let's Make Love Like Animals'.

Ed Gamble & Tom Rosenthal. Hen & Chickens.

Ed Gambles fruit/anagram material is really clever. I like. Tom Rosenthal is all kinds of wonderful - watch this space!

The Special Relationship. The Invisible Dot HQ.

What a gig! Alongside Tom Basden, Jarred McGinnis and Sam Taradash was Tim Key (with Isy Suttie), Melissa Mann and Matthew Robins.

We were also shown J Van Tulleken's BAFTA nominated short film 'Off Season' which was amazing and scared me out of my wits.

A thought.

I wish I liked milk. I envy those I see drinking a glass of milk, it looks so satisfying.

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