Friday, 21 January 2011

Working Title. Leicester Square Theatre.

This Working Title gig was a little bit different to the last one; still in the work-in-progress stages. The first half of the show saw Humphrey Ker hosting and Laura Solon, David Reed and Andrew Pugsley participating. Humphrey was handed a piece of paper with a book title and a blurb on it and the performers had to improvise the plot (the genre changed as suggested by the audience). At the end of the scene, the true plot was revealed. This was the second time that i'd watched Reed improv a sonnet - impressive.

Humphrey and David switched roles and the blurb was held back in the second half of the show. Greatly enjoyed the Australian soap genre - Humphrey is well good at Australian accents and turns of phrase.

The next show is at the Canal Cafe Theatre and I highly recommend it.

A thought.

I really need to move house. The hassle and cost is keeping me awake at night. Awful.

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