Saturday, 1 January 2011

Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Day Three.

Colin Hoult: Enemy Of The World.

Wonderful, wonderful character comedy about the unpleasant people that we've all seemed to encounter in our lifetime. One of, if not my, favourite show during this year's Fringe. Ooo, boogie man...

Tom Wrigglesworth's Nightmare Dream Wedding.

I think my expectations were too high due to his previous show being so damn good, but I didn't enjoy it at all. Dodgy clips. Shaky ending. Very stop/start.

Tim FitzHingham: Gentleman Adventurer.

Probably would've been more enjoyable if i'd seen his previous shows as he addresses them quite a bit. The venue was inside the hull of a ship (!) in the Pleasance Courtyard. It's quite easy to fall in love with the man after seeing him perform live; charming.

Asher Treleaven: Secret Door.

Similar theme to Colin Hoult's show. He plays a character that makes the audience quite on edge. A projecter projects images of rather vile well known people as he speaks about their vileness intermittently throughout the show. Loved it.

Brendan Burns Y'know Love'n'God'n'Metaphysics'n'Shit.

Another gig at the Udderbelly I didn't enjoy. Maybe something to do with the venue? Maybe. The entire show had musical backing by guitarist Dave Eastgate. Brendan and Dave had lots of personal jokes that they found funnier than the audience. Nice ending.


I fell asleep during Glenn Wool's set. I can't remember much about this gig except that Beardyman was AMAZING.

A thought.

Trying to fit 6 shows into 1 day is not a very smart thing to do.

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