Saturday, 26 June 2010

Return Of The Tardy Blogger. Again. Week Four.

Reprieve 'Laughter/Pain' Benefit Gig.

This gig was organised to raise money for Reprieve and featured the likes of Isy Suttie, Robin Ince, Ed Byrne, Andy Zaltzman, Phill Jupitus (with the La De Dahs), Kevin Eldon, Shappi Khorsandi, Stewart Lee, Tim Minchin and MC, Alistair Barrie.

Nothing negative to say about this line-up. Really enjoyed Ed Byrne (his new material is really coming along) and Phill Jupitus.

Minchin got the biggest cheer of the night and sang 'Prejudice', 'If I Didn't Have You', 'Confessions'. 'The Pope Song' and 'Canvas Bags'. He got a series of heckles from a female audience member during the feminist movement in 'Confessions' which were dismissed with "SUCK MY BALLS, BITCH".

66A Church Road. Daniel Kitson.

Daniel Kitson's 66A Church Road is about a house that he loved with all his heart, but could never actually have as his own. I came out of New Players Theatre feeling light and fluffy and thoughtful; Kitson is such a wonderful storyteller. He referred to himself as "adorably petty" at one point - love.

The set was very impressive; a series of scattered suitcases that would light up during relevant parts of the play to reveal a room from Kitson's old flat.

Cardinal Burns And Friends.

I was really looking forward to seeing Cardinal Burns again, it had been aaaaaages! I'd hoped for some new material, although in all fairness, they wouldn't have had time. It was a complete shambles of a gig - the audience was drunk and rowdy (and horny according to my friend Jo) and the work of the MC, Trevor Lock, was ruined every time there was a technical glitch (there were quite a few).

Still, I got to see Late Night Gimp Fight who are pretty bloody good and the banter between Key and Harry Deansway was hilarious.

An Event Of Some Kind VIII.

I've been to all but one of Junior Ministers' An Event Of Some Kind. Medal? I was incredibly tired, but manged to stay until the very end (midnight-ish).

Spak Whitman, Jukebox Collective and Abandoman were my faves. I was chosen to be in one of Abandoman's songs which made my night! Woo!!

Itch: A Scratch Event.

Going to the theatre on a Sunday Afternoon? How middle class. Some really great plays in progress at this event; particularly liked 'A Bird In The Hand' by Aisling Bea (which featured Jarred Christmas), 'The Vaguely Unsettling World Of Clovis Van Darkhelm' by Mike Hayley, 'Baydoll' by Steve Keyworth (Brendan Burns can be rather scary) and 'Marcel Lucont' by Alexis Dubus (he's such a brilliant writer!).

A thought.

If I was a boy, i'd probably be balding. I suspect i'd keep my hair very short.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Return Of The Tardy Bogger. Again. Week Three.

Freeze!. Invisible Dot HQ.

Freeze! is so freakin' wonderful. I think i've seen Tim Key and Tom Basden's "ice cold comedy" far too many times than is necessary since they took up residence at the Invisible Dot HQ.

Best bits: Tom putting on Tim's tie, the "Dan or cunt" sketch and, as always, the banter between Key and Basden.

Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra.

I can't for the life of me remember what this gig was called; apologies. I knew MFMO were headlining and didn't know anyone else on the bill, so rocked up rather late. Nobody mentioned a dress code and I felt a little bit embarrassed in my jeans and t-shirt - it was very "underworld" (in the nicest sense of the word).

The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra gave a truly rocking set! I think my favourite song was 'Trans-Carpathian Express'.

A thought.

I'm trying really hard to be less fat and ugly. EFFORT.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Return Of The Tardy Blogger. Again. Week Two.

Broadcast 2ooo At Wilton's Music Hall.

I adore this venue - old, beautiful and full of charm. Most music gigs I go to have a maximum of 2 support band who are extremely mediocre compared to the headliner, but this gig was different. Hyperpotomus, Matthew & the Atlas and Matt Corby were all stunning in their own right. The audience were extremely polite throughout all the acts and completely absorbed themselves in the music. Completely ACE.

Broadcast 2000
played unplugged for 'That Sinking Feeling' (snippet at 3.30) and it was the most beautiful thing my ears have ever heard. They also did an amazing cover of Regina Spektor's 'Us'.

There's a great review here.

Alex Horne. Odds Preview.

This preview at the Canal Café Theatre was the first for Alex Horne's new show, 'Odds'. It's about Alex's love of gambling and discusses numbers, the universe and quantum physics. It's got some kick ass power point! Also, I gained some knowledge.

TV Recording: Fast And Loose.

This was a rather exciting recording (long, but exciting) because it was by the same guy that brought us Who's Line Is It Anyway? The guests, Humphrey Kerr, Greg Davies, Justin Edwards, Laura Solon, Marek Larwood and Pippa Evans played a variety of improvisation games. It was hosted by Hugh Dennis.

The Popsocks. Dublin Castle.

My friends and I went to see The Popsocks after going out to dinner to celebrate a birthday - it was a very pleasant evening. This band rocks, end of. Oh and, I totally heart the bass player. End, end of.

Nick Mohammed. Mr. Swallow Preview.

A real corker of a show! Long story short, Nick Mohammed plays Mr. Swallow, a teacher who goes about educating his audience in the mysteries and methodology of the human memory. You'll never think of tea bags in the same way again. I really hope this show gets a nomination.

A thought.

I love daylight savings so much. Why is my home town of Perth in Western Australia so against the idea? No clue...

Return Of The Tardy Blogger. Again. Week One.

I'm only letting myself down by not blogging for five weeks. My excuse: I was sick for a week and then got distracted by shopping/fashion/reading/dieting.


I enjoyed this preview more so than the last. Again, Dan hosted and Jon and Lloyd were contestants. I think it would be a whole lot funnier if the contestants said aloud everything they thought. Loyd is my favourite Git (controversial!) and "Duck or Cannibal" was my favourite round.

I spent the remainder of the evening chatting to friends in the bar and met an Irish guy that reminded me of David O'Doherty. Fun.

Horne Section.

Without a doubt, the best preview i've seen and best comedy show in London at the moment. Think comedy, jazz, games, singing, power point and audience participation. The 2 comediens joining Alex Horne and band were Tim Key (who used the band to their full potential) and Lloyd Woolf.

Again, I spent the remainder of the evening chatting to friends in the pub including 2 people whom I only get to speak to on the internet. Best night out in a very long time.

Knock2Bag Presents Tom Basden.

I was so tired but the line-up was awesome: Thomas Craine, Joel Dommett, Lloyd Woolf, Tom Basden and MC, Holly Walsh.

This was the first time i'd seen Joel Dommett and I thought he was very, very good. I've now booked to see him in Edinburgh and i'm really looking forward to it.

Tom Basden did a "Mark Watson at The Fix Bloomsbury gig" - out of character, but extremely hilarious. He took requests from his fans in the audience and got a random guy to go home for his "swapsies" who later joined him on stage to act out a chapter of his book, 'New Moon'. You couldn't make it up...

Museum Of Curiosity.

I was very lucky to get tickets to the greatest Museum of Curiosity line-up ever: Sarah Millican, Neil Gaiman and David Eagleman. See?!

I knew of David Eagleman the least, but found him the most facinating. I really must get his book, 'Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives'. Neil Gaiman confessed to killing Batman; brilliant.

The Roman Bath.

I'm not going to lie, I went and saw this becuase Lloyd Woolf was in it. He played a lifeguard and gave the best performance in my opinion (very Cowards), but i'm biased.

This was British premiere of the 'The Roman Bath' by Bulgarian playwrite, Stanislav Stratiev - a comedy set in 1974. The Guardian gives a highly professional and concise review here.

Mark Watson's Football Shambles.

This gig was organised to raise money for the Pohnpei football team (Mark's brother, Paul, is the manager). I'm not really a football fan, but when it was described as "in the spirit of the 24 Hour Show", I just had to go.

It was completely shambolic, something that Mark Watson does very well, but fun. I would have liked a little bit more banter between Paul and Mark/Tiernan and Mark. Also a set from Joel Dommett or Simon Bird would have been ace - I didn't think their presence was used to the full potential.

Seann Walsh, Matt Forde, and John Robins (incredibly drunk) all did a set and Tom Rosenthal got his mate, Frances Vu to show off some very impressive football skills.

A thought.

The biggest fashion faux pas? Open-toed shoes and stockings.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Fringe-ing It Up.

The Edinburgh Fringe is almost here. My programmes has been circled, my schedule has been made and half my tickets have been purchased.

I am excited about seeing the following shows:

Sex And Hugs And Forward Rolls - James Acaster, Andrew Doyle and Ben Van der Velde. Downstairs at the Tron, 14.20.

An Hour of Humour - Joe Lycett and Andrew Ryan. The White Horse, 17.15.

Dommett and Lampaert - Joel Dommett and Eric Lampaert. Underbelly, 19.50.

Let's Just have Some Fun (And Learn Something, For Once) - Jonny Sweet. Pleasance Courtyard, 19.30.

Toby - Sarah and Lizzy. Cabaret Voltaire, 15.45.

Monster Of The Deep 3D - Claudia O'Doherty. Gilded Balloon Teviot, 18.30.

Secret Door - Asher Treleavan. Pleasance Courtyard, 19.40.

Nick Mohammed is Mr Swallow - Nick Mohammed. Pleasance Courtyard, 18.00.

Enemy Of The World - Colin Hoult. Pleasance Courtyard, 16.45.

The Chill Factory - Ginger & Black. Pleasance Courtyard, 17.45.

Tripod Versus The Dragon - Tripod. Assembly Hall, 21.45.

It's Always Right Now, Until It's Later - Daniel Kitson. Traverse Theatre, 10.00.

6 And A Half Loves - Terry Saunders. Pleasance Courtyard, 15.15.

The Dave Hill Exposion - Dave Hill (and guest). Pleasance Courtyard, 23.00.

The Invisible Dot By The Sea - Unknown. Assembly At George Street, 20/08/10, 20.00.

Two Episodes Of Mash: A Sketch By These Two People. Pleasance Courtyard, 20.30.

Previews I have seen that deserve a nomination:

Enemy Of The World - Colin Hoult.

Nick Mohammed Is Mr Swallow - Nick Mohammed.

Best previews I have seen:

The Horne Section - Alex Horne and jazz band (with special guests).

Gutted - Martin White, Daniel Ward and assorted cast.

A thought.

Hurry up and get here, August the 14th!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Duke Special. Shaw Theatre.

The last time I watched Duke perform while sitting down, I was in the foyer of the National Theatre. I like sitting down while watching music mainly because i'm extremely lazy, but especially tonight as I was still recovering from a god awful cold. Patti Plinko and her Boy were the support band; beyond amazing.

The first half of the show featured the songs from Duke's 'The Silent World of Hector Mann' album and the second from 'Mother Courage and Her Children'. For encore he sang a few songs from his EP, 'Huckleberry Finn' as well as a cover of Elton John's 'I'm Still Standing'.

Duke spent most of the gig standing in front of a microphone stand and only sang a few songs while playing piano. My attention was focused on Ben Castle (such good value!) throughout the night and I missed a lot of the power point.

A thought.

What do moths eat? We've had one in our bathroom for almost a week now and I think it might die. Unless of course, it eats towels.

Live At The Chapel. Mark Watson.

I was feeling rather rough at this gig, little did I know that my sore throat and achy limbs would turn into a nasty cold that would see me bedridden for 3 days. Tom Basden, Angelos Epithemiou, Sean Hughes and MC, Arthur Smith and headliner Mark Watson was not a line-up to be missed; i'm so glad I got sick the day after and not before.

Tom Basden went down an absolute treat and rightly so. He read from his novel, 'New Moon' in between songs. I find the line "... cut him out of his wooly prison" from the novel, which refers to a sex scene where the main character is cut out of a cardigan, hilarious.

I love Mark Watson's series of funny stories that constantly seem to change direction; one never quite knows where you are going to end up. He finished his set with the tale of his Uncle in law (?) that sounds like he is saying "Hiroshima" when he sneezes. Mark went on to say he doesn't know how to respond when this happens, but perhaps he should say "Nagasaki". It makes me giggle just thinking about it.

A thought.

I miss my Mummy more than ever when I am sick. Fending for myself when I feel like death warmed up is horrible.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Ten-Year Self-Improvement Challenge. Update Two.

I should have updated in May. It is now June. June the 1st. One day late. Bugger.

My initial challenges can be found here. This is how I am progressing:

1) I am halfway through Alex Horne's 'Wordwatching'. I guess halfway through a book is better than not reading anything. I hope to review it in my next TYSIC blog. So far, I have learned loads (did you know Dr. Suess made up the word nerd?) and I just adore Alex's passion for words.

2) A couple of people from Twitter were going to be at the same show as I was (Alex Horne's 'Horne Section' - i'm sounding like quite the fangirl, huh?). I introduced myself before the show and afterwards invited them to join my friends and I for a drink. We ended up drinking and chatting ntil the pub closed. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

3) I've fallen a little bit behind with my blog. I know i'm making excuses, but i've been soooooooo busy. It should be completed by the weekend. It's becoming less of a chore, I just need to find the time to write.

4) I've been very good at writing down all my thoughts (I keep finding Post-it notes everywhere). Some have been quite amusing... maybe I could start writing little stand-up routines. Maybe.

5) I wrote to my Uncle and Aunty in Australia after they sent me some photos of my cousin at the ANZAC Day service in East Timor. I haven't heard back. I think my Aunty might be a little annoyed at me for forgetting birthdays. Understandable.

I want to start a new challenge; a number 6. I have been fighting an ongoing battle with my weight since I was 13. During my teens I was either too fat, or too skinny. During my 20's I have mostly been fat. I really need to get my weight down to a healthy range. I'm 5"4, but wear a size 16. AWFUL. I need to be a size 10-12 (and maintain it!).

I need to cut all the snacks from my diet, have a proper dinner each night, get plenty of sleep and EXERCISE. Hopefully this time I can do it (with a little help and encouragement from fellow TYSICers). I. Can. Do. This.

A thought.

I miss listening to Jon Richardson on the radio. Sadface.