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October 2010.

Again with the hazy memory.

Live At The Chapel: David O'Doherty.

Colin Hoult, Andrew Maxwell, Richard Herring and MC, Dan Atkinson made up the rest of the bill. O'Doherty was ON FIRE! I especially loved his 50s pin-up girl poses as he read out shark based facts.

Never Mind The Buzzcocks Recording.

Host: Tim Minchin. Guests: Tim Key, Paloma Faith, DJ Target and Jason Donovan.

It was immense! That is all.

Clever Peter: Blood, Sweat & Tears. Pleasance Theatre.

I like these guys. They're all as talented as each other; it's impossible to pick a favourite. The series of role-play sketches throughout the show were marvellous.

Russell Kane: Smokescreens & Castles. Bloomsbury Theatre.

It was alright... not a Fosters Comedy Award winning show in my opinion. Nice ending.

Horne Section. The Invisible Dot HQ.

With Tom Basden, Mike Wozniak and Tim Key.

This was the first time i'd heard Tim Key sing in Russian and it more than lived up to the hype. Hearing Tom Basden sing 'Mamma Mia' with the band was pretty amazing. Mike Wozniak is so underrated; a wonderful comedian.

Tim Key improvised a Psalm which was bloody impressive and included a lot of swearing. Wonderful.

Popcorn Comedy. Tabernacle.

Marcel the Shell was a fave. Abandoman, Tim Key and Graham Linehan provided live comedy. Getting a bit bored of Abandoman, to be honest. Graham Linehan walked out during Key's set which prompted him to say "there he goes with his career".

Stand Up For Depression. Union Chapel.

Daniel Kitson, Tom Basden, Sanderson Jones, Jonny Sweet and Tim Minchin. OMG.

Kitson kept his tea warm by placing it next to the projector which was used during Basden and Sweet's sets. He got the audience to chant "let's kick this in the cock!" a fair bit.

Jonny Sweet was on fine form - doing a shorter version of his Edinburgh show, Let's All Just Have Some Fun (And learn Something, For Once). I loved the way he went up into the pulpit to say his prayer.

Tim Minchin had forgotten to remove his shoes and socks before he came onstage and did so while sitting at the piano. He sang 3 new songs ('Lullaby', 'Cheese' and 'Cont') as well as 'The Pope Song' and a spine-tingling rendition of 'Drowned'.

Tim Key WiP. The Invisible Dot HQ.

With special guest, Stephen Merchant. Merchant wrapped a scarf around a punter's head throughout his set as he didn't look as if he was enjoying it.

Can't remember much about this gig. Bet it was good.

Greg Davies: Firing Cheeseballs At A Dog. Bloomsbury Theatre.

I laughed until I ached. Full of hilarious anecdotes throughout his life from teaching to going home to his parents house for Christmas. Greg Davies, you're a VERY funny man.

Boy With Tape On His Face. Soho Theatre.

How can a man make you laugh for an hour without speaking, I hear you ask? You obviously haven't seen Boy With Tape On His Face; laughs aplenty. He relies quite a bit on audience participation and those chosen, happily oblige. I was completely and utterly won over by his talent and charm. Wowwowwow.

Karaoke Circus.

First half was kinda sucky. I didn't know any of the songs and the atmosphere was a little weird. Margaret Cabourn-Smith and Humphrey Ker kicked off a better second half with 'Stay'. Pappy's 'Monster Mash' was also very good.

Feature Spot Presents: Tim Minchin. 100 Club.

I got to work front of house at this gig. Pretty lucky, huh? Cardinal Burns and Colin Hoult supported.

Tim was joined by his "B & P band"; guitarist/bassist, Pete Clements, and drummer, Brad Webb. I heard a couple more new songs at this gig, 'The Fence' and 'Sam's Mum'. Cracking night despite sound problems.

The Special Relationship. The Invisible dot HQ.

This was the second time i'd heard Tom Basden's story about a man losing his temper with a young girl on a train and it only got better. American brothers, Sam Taradash and Jarred McGinnis told an amusing tale about a sea cucumber. Like, like, like.

Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Guy Morgan and Sam Knight (who I found extremely fascinating) also contributed.

The Institute. Pleasance Theatre.

An interactive zombie-infested experience. Not going to lie, even though I knew it wasn't real, I got really scared and audibly screamed on a few occasions. My favourite character was Alun, a young Welshman played by Humphrey Ker (well funny). The other Penny Dreadfuls, David Reed and Thom Tuck, also gave a damn fine performance.

I'll definitely go again next year, 'twas much fun.

The Horne Section. The Invisible Dot HQ.

Guests: Joe Wilkinson, "The Mysterious... Fletch", Tim Key and a theramin player.

Joe Wilkinson's style of comedy is very Cowardsesque. I think he's just wonderful; one of my all time favourite comedians. Fletch is fantastic, too. I find that he works best when he has someone to bounce off - The Horne Section is perfect for his act.

Tim Key sang two songs in Russian this time. Also, how he manages to balance his beer so effortlessly on the drummers cymbal, is beyond me. He's just too bloody good.

The theramin player was rather odd in a very funny way. Alex Horne had a go, but didn't like it. I just love the way he gives a running commentary (thinking out loud) throughout all his gigs.

A thought.

Series 24 of Buzzcocks. Best host: DOD/Josh Groban. Best guest: Paul Foot.

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