Saturday, 1 January 2011

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010. Day Five.

Lunchtime Club: Class Of 2010.

This gig was recommended to me by my friend Maddie and i'm so glad I got to see it. I spent the rest of the week recommending it to others. It was compered by Joel Dommett and featured sets by Ian Smith (BRILLIANT), Tom Rosenthal (AWESOME), Rob Beckett and Liam Williams. Watch these names.

Terry Saunders: Nine And A Half Loves.

A sad series of stories that tell the tale of failed relationships. Charming, but I think I preferred the preview.

Lorretta Maine: I'm Not Drunk, I Just Need To Talk To You.

Lorretta Maine in by far Pippa Evans' strongest character and i'm glad she gets an entire show. A little bit of stand-up in between songs (with a band). Totally ace. 'I'm Fine' is a favourite.

Alex Horne: Odds.

This show is about gambling, mostly, and I adored it even though I don't have the faintest clue about gambling. I learnt a lot. I admire the way Alex seems to centre his shows about topics that interest him - his passion is contagious. I'll always enjoy a show by Alex Horne, I reckon.

H Anthony Hildebrand: Why Is Lettuce?

I made up 1/3 of the audience which was a little bit uncomfortable. Some wonderful one-liners, beat backed poetry and unusual ideas. I like this mans mind.

Tim Key: The Slutcracker.

"Do you know what a Shire Horse is?" "yes" "what is is then?" "it's a horse with feathers". You can't beat an Edinburgh audience. Loved the addition of the golf club.

A thought.

I feel so at home in Edinburgh.

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