Saturday, 1 January 2011

Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Day Four.

Robin Ince - Carl Sagan Is Still My God.

12pm is too early for a show during the Edinburgh Fringe; blurgh. Helen Arney was/is wonderful.

Open Mic - The White Horse.

Went and watched my mate Pete do an open mic spot. He was good. Also managed to see Flange Krammer who is a German skier (character); humorous.

Mike Wozniak and Henry Paker: The Golden Lizard.

Both comedians slip effortlessly between several of the same characters as they take the audience on a journey of mystery solving. WONDERFUL.

Nick Mohammed Is Mr. Swallow.

I started giggling before even entering the venue as Mr. Swallow came out in a poncho and clipboard and directed the audience upstairs. Mr. Swallow holds a presentation about memory with laughs and gasps aplenty. Dead clever, like.

Jonny Sweet: Let's Just Have Some Fun (And Learn Something For Once).

I thought it was a half-written show when I saw the preview at The Invisible Dot. WHAT A DOUCHE. The character is quite similar to his previous show minus the limp. Absolutely joyous and not at all hindered by PowerPoint. Love, love, loved the ending.

Sammy J: Skinny Man, modern World.

Too tired to concentrate. Great songs, but the show didn't hold my attention as much as last year's show. Wouldn't mind seeing it again if I have the chance.

Karaoke Circus.

Clearly wasn't drunk enough. Enjoyed the open mic spots more than the guest spots. Michael Legge, Jim Bob and Pappy's were very funny, mind.

A thought.

Day 4 of Edinburgh Fringe. Fatigue setting in.

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