Sunday, 2 January 2011

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010. Day Eight.

Jay Foreman: Pretend You're Happy.

Wonderful songs. Stand-up was a little weak. There was a really odd girl in the front row that was bloody annoying. Hungover... again.

Sex & Hugs & Forward Rolls.

Ben Van der Velde did a great job of compere. Amazing, amazing set by James Acaster (he did his salmon impression TWICE!) and pretty good set by Andrew Doyle.

Two Episodes Of MASH: A Sketch By These Two People.

A series of whimsical and dead-pan sketches that peter out. I have so much love for Diane Morgan and Joe Wilkinson. A little bit too polished - preferred their preview at Jokes Newington. Watch on BBC Comedy. Please and thank you.

Ginger & Black: The Chill Factory.

What a bloody brilliant show. I'm a big fan of dark comedy and Ginger & Black do it so well. More a series of interlocking sketches rather than songs. Kudos for the pasta dress.

Hannah Gadsby: The Cliff Young Shuffle.

A very self-deprecating story about Hannah's journey walking across the UK. It was alright. I'd see her again; don't think she was on form in this show.

David O'Doherty - Somewhere Over The David O'Doherty.

Hooray for the DOD! He makes me so happy. A lot of the material wasn't new as i'd caught quite a few previews prior to the Fringe. His Shakira song and shark-based facts were a highlight.

A thought.

Day 8. Fatigue. Want my own bed.

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