Thursday, 20 January 2011

Let's All Just Have Some Fun (And Learn Something, For Once). Soho Theatre.

Jonny Sweet plays a daft, excitable and lovable character giving a lecture on the HMS Nottingham (with his take on why the ship ran aground). The laughs come thick and fast during the first half of the show, mainly through wonderful turns of phrase and running commentary of funny clips and pictures which are shown via a projector. Things don't go as smoothly as planned and the audience gets a glimpse into the mind of this cheeky chappy. After the big reveal comes a truly adorable ending.

The show has received some great reviews, and rightly so. I'm looking forward to following Jonny's comedy success in the future. He's dead good and very different when compared with your average comic. Fan? You bet.

A thought.

I miss nice weather. Hopefully i'll get a lot of it when I go home FOR THREE WEEKS.

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