Monday, 29 June 2009

Tennising It Up.

I am so unbelievably tired that I don't know wether i'm coming or going... and it's only Tuesday.

I went to Wimbledon on Saturday and got to see some wonderful matches from "Murray's Mount". Ivonovic vs Stoser, V. Williams vs Suarez Navarro, Roddick vs Melzer and Murray Troicki. Roddick's match lasted so long that I only got to see Murray win the first set before heading off to Camille O'Sullivan: The Cat's Meow.

I love the Udderbelly on the Southbank, it just has such a lovely atmosphere. A hot day which meant it was rather warm inside the purple cow, but it was a very awesome show indeed. Camille is brilliant; her quirkiness and eccentricity is such a joy to watch. Ida Barr, Simple Kid, Break Dancers and a Beat Boxer provided some great variety.

On Sunday afternoon I headed to N16 (an interesting part of London) to see The Factory's performance of The Seagull. I am so glad I had a friend to hold my hand as I was quite intimidated upon entering. It was just virtually a room with props and a few chairs and cushions. I had no idea where the stage was, and as it turned out is was anywhere and everywhere. The whole play was improvised around the plot and set in modern times. I felt so many emotions and the many dimensions will have me thinking for weeks.

After the play a friend and I headed into Soho and had nibbles and drinks in a Lebanese restaurant and talked for hours. Bliss. We saw Jerry Springer walking down the road; he has a very punchable back of the neck (as Robin Ince would say).

Monday was A Night Of 400 Billion Stars at the Bloomsbury Theatre and featured a great line-up. All my favourites where on top form (Josie Long, Chris Addison, Martin White, Gavin Osborn and Simon Singh), I also thought AL Kennedy and Marcus Chown were super. Robin Ince was on fire last night; I think he should work with lack of sleep and cider more often.

New Humanist Review

Evening Standard Review

A thought.

I can't please everybody.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Face Hurt.

It's been such a busy week and now i'm buggered.

On Monday I went to my first sceptics in the pub. I was so nervous about going but was fine once I got there and located friends. We heard from Professor Bruce Hood who spoke mostly about the supernatural.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I went to 'Fat Tuesday' in Islington to ckeck out Edinburgh previews from Pete Firman, Richard Herring, Tiffany Stevenson and Andrew Maxwell.

Andrew Maxwell had me laughing so much that I had face ache.

I bought a new hat and top to wear to Wimbledon. The hat is made of awesome and I bought the top to match the hat. You'll be surpirised to hear that they're not black.

A thought.

I tried to think about which duvet cover I had on my bed today and I didn't know. I've been galavanting too much.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Tired. Happy. Tired-Happy.

Phwoar what a weekend. I'm so incredibly exhausted that i'm going to make this short and sweet.

On Friday night I headed on down to the Southbank to watch Fullmooners from the inside of a giant, purple, upside-down cow. Andrew Maxwell, Sir Tim and Lady Carol were as wonderful as ever, but the silly Westminster licensing laws meant that the bar had to close at 12am (way too soon) and the show had to finish at 1.30am (way, way too soon).

Saturday I went to a charity gig called More Bums On Seats at Hackney Empire. It had an awesome line up including Jarred Christmas, Simon Amstell, Richard Herring, Stewart Lee, Josie Long and Brenden Burns. Mr Amstell and Ms Long were the stand outs for me.

From Hackney Empire we caught a cab to Stories For A Starlit Sky in Regents Park. Daniel Kitson and Gavin Osborn managed to take my breath away with their combined brilliance.

This afternoon I saw 6 Day Riot busk in Spitalfields Market to raise money for cancer research. Pure bliss.

There is a lady with pink hair that I keep seeing at gigs. There was a sighting at Fullmooners and another at Stories For A Starlit Sky. Stay tuned for updates.

A thought.

Manners, manners, manners.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Rhod Gilbert and the Award Winning Mince Pie.

Last night I went to the DVD filming of Rhod Gilbert and the Award Winning Mince Pie at The Bloomsbury. I loved the show just as much as I love that theatre.

His material about the lack of spunk he disburses when wanking is hurty-tummy funny. "It's just a waste of a tissue really, I should just let it dry and re-use it. I only need to use the corner and dab the end, it's like getting sleep out of your cats eye."

A thought.

I fear confrontation. Even the thought of confrontation makes me panic.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


I went to an Edinburgh preview in Islington last night; Pippa Evans and Russell Kane.

Mr Kane's material was brilliant, he just needs to work on his flow. I had gone along last night to see Pippa, but I was a little bit disappointed with her set. I said thank you to her on the way out and the look on her face suggested she was disappointed too.

A thought.

The level of tiredness I have reached means that I can not think. Therefore, I can not have a thought.

Monday, 15 June 2009


Tonight I went to The Invisible Dot office to catch Tom Basden and Tim Key in Freeze!

Mr Key was on top form tonight, the best performance I have seen him give. He used the word 'lolopped' and it has become my favourite verb (used to describe the way Mr Tall moves).

Mr Basden was still battered from his trip to Centre Parcs, but that didn't affect his voice. He showcased some news songs and they were as wonderful and silly as ever. My favourite went something along the lines of "Gorrilas in the mist. Gorillas in the mist. Gorrilas in the mist. Gorillas in the mist. Gorrilas in the mist. Gorillas in the mist. Gorillas in the mist. Gorillas in the mist. Oh, I thought you were all Gorillas." His character he plays for Freeze! has changed a lot since the first time I saw it; a little less submissive and more childlike in demeanor.

A thought.

I care what people think of me, but I don't care what people think of me.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

These are a few of my favourite things.

There are so many things that are making me happy at the moment and i'd like to share them with you.

Tom Basden. He sings funny songs.

Tim Key. He writes and recites funny poems.

Tim Key is 30 (thirty)
He wrote a book.
He campaigns against Princess Diana's death.
He was born in Rostock in 1942/3.
He can speak Russian as a foreign language.
He runs (his P.B is 14 minutes 35 seconds).
He lives in London and has no kids/pets/self-respect.

Junior Ministers. They write and perform satirical songs.

6 Day Riot. A quirky little folk band.

Pippa Evans. She does character comedy.

Gavin Osborn. Musician.

Amanda Palmer. She's just made of awesome.

A thought.

I am floating somewhere above the clouds and I don't want to come down.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

An Event Of Some Kind (II)

Last night I headed south to Stockwell to catch An Event Of Some Kind hosted by and staring the Junior Ministers. The other acts included Battersea Dogs, Pat Burscher, 6 Day Riot and Tim Minchin.

I don't think i've had that much fun for a fiver. All of the acts were outstanding, I couldn't pick a favourite.

I have spent the morning listening to Junior Ministers and 6 Day Riot on repeat. They are added to the list of performers I (somewhat) obsess over.

Mr Minchin's set was completely shambolic, which is the best kind of set in my opinion. He commendeared the violinist, double bassist and drummer from 6 Day Riot for Perineum Millenium and also sang Nothing Can Stop Us Now and a cover of the Notting Hillbillies song Feel Like Going Home.

I didn't sleep much last night. I think it's going to take a while to come down from this high.

A thought.

I'd rather not visit South London again. 'Tis scary.

Thursday, 11 June 2009


I received my Edinburgh Fringe Programme in the post today. I will now spend the weekend planning what I am going to see and when I am going to see it. It's all getting very 'citing.

A thought.

I like niceness but sometimes, just sometimes, I want people to cut the crap and tell me what they really think instead of telling me what they think I want them to.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Up fed.

There was a tube strike today. I got to work on time, but it took me 3 hours to get home.

I feel really fed up at the moment. Being fed up and the tube strike are in no way related.

A thought.

I think we, as a society, use the word cunt too much. It's starting to lose it's connotation.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

I'm a dick.

I laughed out loud when a friend sent me this photo. She wasn't actually "a freind" at the time it was taken. Small world.

It's an odd one of me, which prompted me to ask her "what am I doing?!". Her reply was "looking at Tim Minchin lovingly".

A thought.

I have a tendancy to be selfish. It's a horrible trait of mine.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Ha Ha Hammersmith.

Last night I popped along to Ha Ha Hammermith which took place at the Lyric Theatre. The line up included Richard Herring, Lee Mack, String Fever, Tom Basden and The Feeling. After a pretty busy weekend it was a bit of an effort to go, but i'm really glad I did.

Richard Herring and Lee Mack proved hilarious when adressing hecklers.

Tom Basden gave a wonderful set (as always). He had hurt his hip at Centre Parcs (which is surprisingly good apparently) and was unable to do a little dance in one of his songs, much to my dismay.

The Feeling wrapped up the evening with 5 songs and an encore. Brilliant.

A thought.

I have no self-control.

Sunday, 7 June 2009


This weekend I went up to Carlisle to see Live and Ungagged; stand-up comedy in aid of Amnesty International. The line up included Jason Manford, Russell Kane, Robin Ince, James Sherwood, Pete Firman and Tim Minchin. It was well worth the 5 hour drive. My favourite quote of the night came from Mr Minchin when introducing Canvas Bags. "I want you to leave here remembering two things. 1. Robin Ince said cunt. 2. This song".

A thought.

Emii is a ploker. Except when she isn't. Which is most of the time.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Karena made marshmallows today using egg whites, icing sugar, gelatin and liquid glucose. They were scrumptious.

A thought.

I have no idea who I am. I baffle me.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Or Susan Boyle.

Last night I went to a charity comedy gig called Orangaid which helped raise money for the Sumatran Orangutan Society. The line up included Bill Bailey, Tim Minchin, Jason Manford, Nina Conti, Alistair Barrie and Simon Munnery.

It was the first time I had seen Bill Bailey live and I really did enjoy his set as eccentric and silly as it was. I'd not hurd of Alistair Barrie before but was very impressed with his stand up. Jason, Nina and Simon were a little mediocre.

Mr Minchin did what he does best and was by far my favourite act.

All in all it was a lovely evening of friends and comedy. I get to do it all again on Friday.

Life is good.

A thought.

I have no idea how or why Tim Minchin can be described as "the new Bill Bailey".