Saturday, 22 January 2011

Knock2bag. Bar FM.

Knock2bag always have seriously good line-ups and is close to home, but I rarely manage to go. I shall have to rectify my ways. The only thing that put me off was that it didn't finish until really, really late (I am 25 years old).

The gig was compered by Colin Hoult. The first half he played Anna Mann and the second half he played Andy Parker; I preferred Andy. I'm not sure if Hoult has compered many gigs in the past, but I really enjoyed his style - he's great at thinking on his feet while staying in character.

It was my first time seeing Daniel Simonsen, Flange Krammer and Totally Tom and they were all COMPLETELY ACE. I really related to Simonsen's awkward/shy material. Totally Tom were quite Footlighsesque.

Wasn't sure about Cardinal Burns on this occasion... eavesdropping in the interval, i'm not sure those around us did either.

Loved Paul Foot's two jokes, especially the first one. I'd like a pair of "van glasses" if only to remind me of this wonderful, lengthy joke. I can't wait to see Ash in the Attic at Soho Theatre in a few weeks.

My friend, Anna, wrote this review for the British Comedy Guide.

A thought.

I used to pretend that I was a Doctor who found cures for my sick doll a lot when I was younger. More often than not, my doll had AIDS.

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