Sunday, 29 May 2011

Ten-Year Self-Improvement Challenge. Update Eight.

This is my initial challenge and this is my update:

1) I read A Light Hearted Look At Murder by Mark Watson and have started on Solar by Ian McEwan.

I really liked ALHLAM, but it was very dark in places and I didn't expect that kind of book from Mark. Very impressed.

Can't get into Solar - it's a bit of a chore to get it out on the bus.

2) There hasn't really been the opportunity. However, a lot of my favourite comedians were at a show I went to last week and I pretended to not see them... even though they were standing/sitting right next to me. So rude of me.

3) YEP. I'm getting good at this.

4) Rubbish. Must. Try. Harder.

5) There's been lots of emails between family and friends since I got back from holiday. I miss them so much already and it's only been 2 weeks.

6) Since I set this challenge, I have lost 15 kilos. It's always nice when people start to notice and it's happening a lot lately.

A thought.

I frickin' love awkward people and their awkward hugs.

Improvisation My Dear Mark Watson. BBC Television Centre.

Mark Watson hosts a new improvisation show for Dave featuring Rufus Hound, Stephen K Amos, Isy Suttie, Tom Baker, Josie Long and Colin Hoult.

The recording went on FOREVER and a keen bean in the audience was slightly annoying, but it was a laugh. Colin Hoult was my favourite contestant (loved how he carried the phrase "look at my shins" throughout), Rufus Hound's blunt comments always made me giggle and Mark's acting skills before the audience were dismissed was EPIC.

A thought.

My denim shirt isn't the most flattering item of clothing I own, but it's comfortable.

Nick Mohammed And Brendan Patricks; A Magic Show. Invisible Dot HQ.

I hadn't been to The Invisible Dot in ages and it was so good to go back. Nick Mohammed and Brendan Patricks put on the best magic show I have ever witnessed.

It was funny (genuinely - no cheap jokes here), laid back (the audience were split up and Patricks showed us how one of his card tricks was done) and mind blowing (Nick and Brendan READ OUR AND EACH OTHER'S MINDS). It helped that the audience were lovely and only too happy to participate (and not in an annoying way).

I very much hope there is a similar show on the cards.

A thought.

There is no nicer place to be than London on a sunny, warm day.

New Art Club. Soho Theatre.

I've wanted to see New Art Club ever since their set at The Horne Section a few months back. I'd seen their best bits before and the audience were rather quiet, but it was still lots of fun.

You should totes check out their YouTube channel:

A thought.

Tom Roden and Pete Shenton should stay in unitards for the entirety of the show. I felt the smart trousers and shirt with bare feet didn't quite work.


I went home for 3 weeks and had a bloody good time. I spend loads of time with my family and friends, attended my Dad's wedding and went on a girls only shopping trip to Melbourne with my Mum and sisters. My little sister, Samantha, made me laugh constantly.

A thought.

Living away from my family never gets easier.

Josie Long And Friends. Bush Hall.

Such a lovely venue, this one, and a lovely host to boot. Josie Long was joined by James Acaster, Arnab Chander, John-Luke Roberts and Tom Basden. The Friday night audience got a bit rowdy by the end of the night which got on a my nerves, but I had a thoroughly nice time.

I've never seen Tom Basden give a bad set. This one included songs that I hadn't heard before and chats with Mummy and Daddy Basden who were in the audience.

A thought.

Dear Arnab Chander, I believe in you.

Ryhs Jones And Tom Rosenthal. Etcetera Theatre.

The enjoyment that I experienced watching Tom and Ryhs was somewhat dampened when I lost my wallet in the venue. Got it back the day after and have vowed never to leave it in my pocket again.

Pretty good material from Ryhs Jones, but I found his poetry VERY Bo Burnham. Stirling Edinburgh preview from Tom Rosenthal - can't wait to see it during the Fringe. Dear reviewers, please be very kind to Explosenthal.

A thought.

Some sad and shocking news that I received on Tuesday caught up with me last night. I've not felt that upset in a very long time.