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November 2010.

Joke Party. Wilmington Arms.

Ben Target, Gerry Howell, Tom Basden and MC, Tom Bell. Good line-up, huh? There were 10 people in the audience including my friend and I. I don't understand!

I really like the chat in between Basden's songs (he even had an onstage chat with Bell about a time they went to the cinema together). He spoilt us by playing 'Champagne' and his song about wearing boxing gloves to a funeral (unsure of the name) on the piano.

Tom Bell's interpretive dance at the end to the tune of 'Pump It' by The Black Eyed Peas was one of the best things i've ever seen. Seriously.

Simon Amstell: Do Nothing. 100 Club.

A few shows at this venue to help promote the release of his DVD. It was a pleasant surprise to see that he was being supported by Ginger & Black. They did lots of material that I hadn't heard before - they have a wonderfully dark sense of humour.

It was great to see the show in a nice intimate venue.

Working Title. Leicester Square Theatre.

Humphrey Ker, David Reed, Laura Solon and Andrew Pugsley improvised their way through certain scenarios and styles as suggested by the audience. Really enjoyed it. David Reed shone!

Nick Mohammed Is Mr. Swallow. Leicester Square Theatre.

This is an absolutely delightful show. In much the same way as Kevin Eldon did, Nick Mohammed has taken lots of things that he's good at and formed it in a hilarious hour of comedy. I particularly like his, or should I say Mr. Swallow's, Jarassic Park song and the way he "played" the volunteering pianist during the closing number.

The Horne Section. Soho Theatre.

It's so shiny (and, in a way, polished) since the first preview at the Canal Cafe Theatre. This one featured Milton Jones, Mat Ricardo The Gentleman Juggler, Pete Firman, New Art Club and as ever, Tim Key. To quote my friend Jef, I loved it with my knees! The Interval Song made me smile so much that I had achey cheeks.

A drunken lady in the balcony heckled all the way through Tim Key's set. Key responded with "okay, but it is offensive when she asked him to sing her a song. Boom!

I must see New Art Club again. Soon, preferably.

Colin Hoult: Enemy Of The World. Leicester Square Theatre.

I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed this show when I saw it in Edinburgh. I'm going to see it again at Soho Theatre - get in! Graham Linehan was sitting front and centre; what excellent taste in comedy he has.

My friend, Rose, wrote a wonderful review for The Spectator Arts blog and you can read it here.

Tom Secret Business: Lady Garden & Pappy's. New Red Lion Theatre.

I like watching comedy from a sofa in the middle of a pub - more of this, please.

I don't think Pappy's had performed their show since Edinburgh, but it wouldn't be right if they weren't shambolic. The Technology Song will ALWAYS make me weep with laughter.

There are a lot of members that make up Lady Garden (6!!), but it works so well. Hannah Dodd's stand-up routines were my favourite. Brilliant use of costumes.

The Horne Section. Soho Theatre.

I'm not sick of it yet, I don't think i'll ever be. Guests: Miles Jupp, Phil Kay (bit repulsed), Fletch, The London Vegetable Orchestra (very clever/silly/wonderful) and Tim Key.

Morris Dancing to 'All The Single Ladies'? Yes please.

Laura Marling. Conway Hall.

Best music gig of 2010, hands down. The audience were quiet and transfixed the whole time she was on stage. She sang 3 new songs among the favourites. Wished it went on forever.

Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra & Jim Bob. Dingwalls.

I had quite a bit to drink at this gig. Goodbye memory. Here, have some YouTube clips which were uploaded by my friend Nicola.

Matilda, The Musical. The Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford-upon-Avon.

Holy cow, this was incredibly awesome. Tim Minchin and Dennis Kelly, pat yourselves on the back.

As I am lost for words, i'll point you in the direction of Anna's blog.

It was so lovely to get away from London for the weekend - the buildings were so small and quaint. 'Twas. So. Cold.

Tim Key Work In Progress. The Invisible Dot HQ.

Watched Tim Key whilst sat in an office in my coat and scarf; kinda fun. Bit of an odd gig at times, there was lots of chat (from Key, I should add). During the show Tim asked a bald man if he "brushes his hair with a flannel" - HA!

A thought.

Ran out of steam towards the end of this blog. Apologies.

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