Saturday, 4 September 2010

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010. Day One.

Kevin Eldon is Titting About at The Stand.

This show was one hell of a Fringe debut! Eldon combined lots of little bits and pieces that he's good at into the hour - characters, music, stand-up. Intimate and high energy; completely ace.

Simon Munnery: Self Employed at The Stand.

Like Josie, Munnery starts the show off with character comedy before doing about 45 minutes of straight stand-up. He played a french waiter at La Concepta Restaurant - brilliantly absurd and silly stuff.

I'd heard quite a bit of the stand-up before, which didn't diminish it at all. He reminded me so much of John Hegley.

Joe Lycett and Andrew Ryan - An Hour Of Humour at The White Horse.

The room at the back of The White Horse was packed to the rafters for the Free Fringe event, so much so, that I had to perch on a stool at the foot of the stage.

Andrew does pretty standard stand-up, but his charm wins you over. Every time he said "tank" (as in "thank"), I smiled from the inside, out. Gosh, I love accents.

Joe does quite whimsical observational comedy and is incredibly lovely. I was chosen to hand him little bits of paper with subjects written on them from a folder to determine what he would talk about next.

Adam Hills Mess Around.

Basically Adam Hills creates a new show every night based on audience members and only a few rehearsed stories to bulk it out. Very funny and very brave. It was ace to spend time with my friend Sam whom I don't get to see very much.

Tripod Versus The Dragon.

I don't know much about Dungeons and Dragons, but that didn't stop me from enjoying Tripod's show (a musical based on said game). The 3 lads have a wonderful chemistry and Elana Stone has the most wonderful voice (and is very nice to look at). It massively overran which meant I was very late for Gutted.


Simply BRILLIANT. Cast, band, music, lyrics, dialogue... I don't know what else to say. The Penny Dreadfuls have the best musical number. Thom Tuck and Colin Hoult's performances were outstanding.

A thought.

Sam, of 'Or So I Thought...' fame, is an immensely talented writer. His blog 'Why Cowards Is At The Centre Of Comedy' is one of the best blogs I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

Summer Blogging Vacation. August.

1st: Josie Long - Be Honourable at Hen and Chickens.

Josie's show will fill you, as it did me, with happiness. It touches on her health kick/personal overhaul (which sparked her love of porridge/breakfast), her idols and issues that she feels passionate about. I absolutely adored the character comedy at the beginning of the show.

5th: Pointless Anger, Righteous Ire at the Roundhouse.

I'd not seem Michael Legge do stand-up before and I quite enjoyed watching him be funny and angry at the same time. Not quite on par with Robin Ince, though.

The show required help from the audience and this particular audience was pretty shit.

A thought.

What a pointless and stupid article from Chortle. Hooray for Katy Brand, William Andrews and Michael Legge (<--- win).