Saturday, 9 April 2011

Tim Key: The Slutcracker. Lyric Theatre.

My last opportunity to see my favourite comedy show, Tim Key's The Slutcracker. RiP. This was, I think, my ninth viewing and i'm glad I got to experience it in such a lovely theatre - the Lyric on Shaftesbury Avenue is big, but not imposing or disengaging.

I'm not sure what to add that hasn't already been said. I'm very glad the golf club had stayed in the show since I saw it in Edinburgh 2010. I did think Key used the word "cunt" way to many times.

A thought.

Was I ignored by someone at this gig and did I ignore someone at this gig? Um, it's very likely. Karma?

Live At The Chapel: Stewart Francis.

My friends and I made the last minute decision to attend Live at the Chapel; a decision well made. The Union Chapel is a brilliant venue and the line-up included the likes of Alun Cochrane, Kevin Eldon, Phil Nichol, Stewart Francis and MC, Greg Davies.

Greg Davies is an incredibly funny man. His opening gambit, most of which was directed at my 20 year old friend, had me crying with laughter - the kind of laughter where you giggle at something and the funnies keep coming thick and fast and you loose all self-control. The mental image of him skipping around the stage shouting "beard! Beard! Beard, Beard!" in a high-pitched voice will stay with me forever.

I hadn't seen Alun Cochrane in aaaaaages (I think I last saw him in the same venue at least a year ago) and I found his jokes and delivery had changed a bit. He used to be quite pessimistic and deadpan. I enjoyed his observational comedy (in a rather chipper manner) about his family.

Kevin Eldon came out as Paul Hamilton and recited a series of poems. I want to shower him with praise - ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.

Phil Nichol did tried and tested material and he always goes down really well whenever I manage to see him. I was surprised that he didn't do 'I'm The Only Gay Eskimo'.

Wasn't impressed with Stewart Francis, but I rarely enjoy one-liners. He made lots of comments about the quality of the audience. Hmm.

A thought.

How does trust work with new friends? Do you trust them with small things and then increase that trust until/if they break it (and then never trust them again)?

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Museum Of Curiosity Recording. BBC Radio Theatre.

I received complementary tickets to a few recordings of The Museum of Curiosity, however, they landed on days that I was doing other things. When a friend offered a spare to a recording with Alex Horne, Sara Wheeler and Alain de Botton, I jumped at the chance.

The half an hour show on Radio 4 is edited from a 2 hour recording, so it's worthwhile popping along. The guests are always fascinating and this recording was no exception. Coming soon to a radio/laptop/PC near you!

A thought.

I could listen to Dave Gorman and Alex Horne chat all day, every day.

Meet The Cast: Friday Night Dinner. Apple Store, Regent Street.

This was an opportunity I couldn't pass up! Boyd Hilton interviewed the cast of Friday Night Dinner (Robert Popper, Tamsin Greig, Tom Rosenthal, Simon Bird, Paul Ritter and Mark Heap) for iTunes.

There was talk of favourite moments during the show, real life events that inspired the script, on set larks, Wilson chat and an announcement from a Channel 4 producer about a second series.

After the interview, my friend talked to Mark Heap and Robert Popper while I stood muted and staring in the background. I really wanted to tell Tom that I like his stand-up, but the chance never arose. Sadness.

A thought.

Mark Heap is the funniest man in the entire world. Also, I really should have asked him if there was any news regarding a series of The Great Outdoors.

Friday, 1 April 2011

The Horne Section. Lyric Theatre.

I don't think there will ever be a comedy show that is as joy-inducing as The Horne Section. Unfortunately, this was their last Monday residency at the Lyric as they head over to Melbourne for the International Comedy Festival. Joining Alex Horne and his Side Men were Harry Hill, Tom Basden, Tim Key, Shlomo and Andrew Van Buren.

Andrew Van Buren's assistant was wearing the highest cut leotard that I have ever seen; just thought that was worth a mention. Shlomo sent the band off during his set and absolutely killed it - AMAZE. He came back on and beat-boxed during The Side Men and i'm sad to say that it will never sound the same again.

Tim Key recited some poems that I hadn't heard before; I especially liked the one about the milkmaid. Alex Horne joined him for a duet - How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning by Dean Martin. OMG, OMG, OMG! Tom Basden looked so trendy with his Nike high-tops and stubble. His cover of Mamma Mia, complete with mariachi trumpet solo from Joe Auckland, was da bomb, y'all. When I grow up i'd like to be as silly as Harry Hill. There was tap-dancing and songs and one liners and plenty of mucking about - HERO.

The evening came to a close with a Michael Jackson medley. Come back soon, Horne Section!

A thought.

I have the loveliest friends in the world. Yup.