Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Emerging Proms @ The Roundhouse.

Last night I went the Emerging Proms at the Roundhouse which featured The Mariner's Children, Broadcast 2000, Stornaway and Stars of Sunday League.

I'd gone along mainly to see The Mariner's Children (i'd seen them play at a gig when I went to see 6 Day Riot in the summer) who were absolutely brilliant. When I first saw them play they had 3 band members (guitar/lead vocals, viola/backing vocals, banjo/guitar/accordian/backing vocals) but last night they had 6 (celloist, drummer and separate violist/backing singer). Their music is tremendously beautiful.

Broadcast 2000 were my other favourite of the night, i'd definitely go and see them again. The band consisted of 3 percussionists (glockenspiel and two drummers; one of which played a step ladder!), a violinist, a mandolinist (I think it was a mandolin, 'twas a very swanky one of it was), a violinist, guitarist and two vocalists.

Stornaway were good but they played last and I was tired and my feet were sore, which meant my attention kept drifting elsewhere.

All in all, it was a fantastic night of music, but standing amoung the trendy and talented people reminded me just how uncool I am.

A thought.

If I said all the thoughts I was thinking aloud, I don't think people would like me very much.

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