Monday, 26 October 2009

Comedy Nights @ Lyric Hammersmith.

Last night I went to the Lyric Hammersmith to see one of Richard Herrings oganised evenings of comedy called Comedy Nights. The line-up was ace and featured Paul Sinha, Tim Key, Doc Brown and Stephen Merchant.

It was the first time i'd seen Paul Sinha and i'd heard great things about him. He gave a solid set and he was alright I guess. He lacked the "wow" or "he's soooooo funny" factor, but yeah, he was okay.

Tim Key absolutely stromed it tonight; outstanding! It was the best audience reaction i'd seen him receive and he even got a spontaneous round of applause for his war poetry ( but let's be honest, it is bloody good). the little bits of stand-up in between his poems seemed to have been tweaked and his whole set flowed brilliantly.

I'd never seen Doc Brown before (nor had I heard of him) but I really enjoyed his set. It was a kind of rap comedy and it was very very clever.

Stephen Merchant was his same old hilarious self. I particulary enjoyed his play/skit on choices (with the help of two audience members) in which the BAFTA made an appearance.

Richard Herring (despite thinking he had swine flu) was a very good MC. He was using lots of material from his Hilter Moustache show and it was pure comedy genius.

A thought.

I really dislike how early it gets dark in the winter. It's so depressing.

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