Friday, 9 October 2009

We Need Answers (7th And 8th Of October).

Last night and the night before I went to the recording of We Need Answers for BBC4 which is hosted by Mark Watson, Tim Key and Alex Horne. Terry Christian and Camilla Dallerup were the contestants on the first night, and last night we had Aggie MacKenzie and Peter Tatchell.

I enjoyed the first recording slightly more as the guests were excellent. Don't get me wrong the second night was good too, it was just that MacKenzie and Tatchell were a bit... difficult.

Tim Key is a fabulous question master; I just adore the way he interacts with the contestants (especially the female ones).

I found this conversation between Aggie and Tim particulary funny:

Aggie (to Key): You're a funny man, aren't you?
Mark: Well Aggie, he is a comedian.
Aggie (to Key): Are you? Are you a comedian?
Key: Yeah. (the facial expressions and body language were so, so funny when he answered)
Aggie: Really?!

Mark's turn of phrase is brillaint and I love his running commentry as he talks to the producer via an ear piece.

Last night Lloyd Woolf, Stefan Golaszewski and Katy Wix were in the audience!

A thought.

Chocolate should be a "diet food".

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