Sunday, 1 November 2009

Ready For This? Southampton.

This was my last Ready For This? show, for like, ever. It's been ridiculously fun travelling around the UK (and even back to Perth) to see it.

The Southampton show involved a little bit of last minute planning which was full of fail and I ended up sleeping on an abandoned train at Portsmouth Harbour station for the night... but I shan't bore you with the details.

There was a bit of a blast from the past when Tim fell off the stage during his opening talky-bit. He made it look so accidental... but was it? Talking about opening taky-bits, it doesn't matter how many times Minchin says "Mr Wippy van man", I always giggle uncontrollably. I do love that line/the way he says it.

I really like the "Jesus on the cross" pose that Tim does when singing 'I Love Jesus' (arms out, head down and one foot on top of the other). Hilarious!

There were a few seating problems after the interval and Tim tried to intervene. He told them that they should fight before proceeding to find them seats down the front. The seatless people then went and sat in front of the speakers and Tim said "does it hurt your ears when I do this...", and started to beat-box. It was amazing!

I also loved the ad-lib at the start of Storm. The wine glass was tiny and Tim asked the audience if he looked like a giant, put on a deep voice and said "mmmmm, human wine" and then took a big sip.

There was little bit of mix up during If You Really Loved Me when Tim sang "crackers and brie" instead of "toast and pate". He started the verse again instead of carrying on with the "niggers and R&B" lyric.

A thought.

Some people have no respect. Last night Tim was chatting with a couple of fans while they were trying to get photos. They completely blanked Tim, got the photos they wanted and wandered off without as much of a thank you or goodbye. It was sooooo rude!

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  1. I must say that I've loved reading all of your Tim reviews! Even the little details of mishaps and inclusions/exclusions of songs/parts have given me great joy. I guess it's the anticipation of seeing Tim again and seeing what's changed since last.

    Thank you for all your updates, I will surely miss them.