Friday, 23 October 2009

Karaoke Circus V.

Last night I went to The Albany for the latest installment of Karaoke Circus. As always, it was so much fun.

I wasn't familiar with the song Jessica Hynes sang but she gave the most fabulous performance. Everyone looked absolutley gobsmacked by how good she was (i'm sure I wasn't the only one who wanted her to do another song!).

Jessica, along with Chris Addison, received standing ovations after their songs. Chris Addison sang Common People by Pulp and he "karaoke-ed" the shit out his chosen song. He seemed to be the only person to have memorised the lyrics and practised how he was going to perform it.

The next one is on the 3rd December - i'm so there!

A thought.

I'm losing the battle of the bulge...

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