Saturday, 3 October 2009

National Theatre Foyer - Duke Special.

Last night I went to watch Duke Special (accompanied by Ben Castle and Chip Bailey) play a short set in the foyer of the National Gallery. They plan to hold these gigs after their Mother Courage performance every Friday (and maybe Saturday too!) until the play closes.

The sound in that space was incredible. I got a lump in my throat during the high notes in Wake Up Scarlett, the sound peirced my heart.

They are such an entertaining bunch and I was in stitches during Darling Of The Jockey Club (A Bitch Called Wanda) as Ben and Chip ran out from around the corner to do the backing vocals during every chorus. I also like Duke's introduction to the song "... and they get off at the end".

My friends and I were sitting on lounges with a great view of the ivory.

I hope to got to many more.

A thought.

I need to find some motivation.

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