Wednesday, 21 October 2009

It's Debateable - With Jon Richardson.

Last night I went to Drill Hall to listen to the pilot of Jon Richardson's Radio 4 production "It's Debateable". Jon was joined by Lloyd Langford and had to try and persaude Lloyd and the audience that "all relationships should be made illegal".

I really like Jon as a comic but I always find his sets and shows really heavily scripted and executed, it was such a nice change to see him pulling gags off the cuff at the recording. His banter with Lloyd had me in hysterics. The running joke throughout the evening was that that Jon and Lloyd were sleeping together.

The funniest part of the recording (for me) was when Jon was talking about a meeting he'd had with the production team in which the words they could and couldn't use were discussed "I almost had to walk out of the meeting because I was laughing so hard. Just so you know, there will be no motherfucking in this room".

I have no idea how the subject came about, but at one point Jon started talking about giving blow-jobs to dildo's and said "that phrase should be used when you have do something that is a complete waste of time". Ha!

There were a group of young girls that were sitting front and centre that would "awwwww" really loudly when anything nice or sad was said; it was so annoying!

A thought.

I need an off switch for my brain.

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