Monday, 19 October 2009

Ready For This? Oxford.

I'd planned to go up to Oxford for the day and explore before the show but I had an awful lot of trouble getting out of bed. I did manage to see a little bit of town, and the bit I did see was very nice indeed.

The New Oxford Theatre was quite an old theatre (despite it's name) and had a big dropping orchestra pit between the stage and the front row. My friends and I were sat in the front row (surprise!), but tonight the bright lights that usually shine in my eyes (and the reason why I no longer like sitting in the front row) were blocked by Tim's head as he performed (win!).

I laughed lots in Canvas Bags last night especially during the line "sobber or on the floor spastic" because at the exact moment that he said spastic he tried and failed to kick the microphone stand up (he kick's it over at the beginning of the song). During the introduction of the song Tim seemed to ramble and after clocking this, he still continued his introduction but just mouthed it (I love sillyness).

The bear last night (Robbie-bear) was extremely cocky. He was chosen by Tim and told to get up on the stage, he jumped onto the stage and took his jacket off as he strutted the length of it, threw his removed jacket onto the floor near the piano, took a large swig of Tim's wine and then went up to Tim and gave him a really patronizing hug and stroked his hair (Robbie was quite a lot taller). When Tim went under the bear hat to give Robbie-bear instructions, he pulled out halfway through, giggled and said "he's such a cunt".

Just before the start of the song Tim said to the audience "why are you looking at me like that? It'll be fine" and then mouthed HELP! Robbie-bear danced on cue but mainly just skidded on his knees from one side of the stage to the other (his backward roly-poly's were funny though). He took another swig of wine before removing the bear suit and leaving the stage (he was even heckled to "GET OFF THE STAGE!).

If You Really Loved Me is my favourite part of the show (my second favourite part of the show is when Tim says "Mr Wippy van man"). I just love the piano solo's, it's certainly a sight to behold (oh, and it also sounds bloody good!).

Tim knocked over his water bottle during Darkside and had to mop it up before the encore (White Wine in the Sun), saying that the accident had occured during his "rock and roll frenzy".

It was a lovely night that was slightly spoiled by the fact that I got home at 2am and started work at 8am.

A thought.

Do not listen to comedy CDs on a packed train by yourself. Trying to stifle the laughter will make your tummy hurt.


  1. I can just see all that. Sounds fun.
    I don't comment often but I enjoy your blogs. :-)

  2. A thought.

    Simone's reviews are great fun to read! xx