Monday, 5 October 2009


On Saturday night I went to the 100 Club for Clark's. The line-up featured Cardinal Burns, Arnab Chanda, Tim Key, Jack Whitehall and Pappy's Fun Club, the MC was Dan Clark.

Cardinal Burns sketches and songs were so, so funny... although at times, a little bit racist.

Arnab Chanda told really punchy, and at the same time adorable, jokes (think an American Matt Kirshen) and was accompanied by Dan Clark who played guitar. The backing music was the perfect touch to his set.

Tim Key was his same brilliant self, unfortunately he was heckled towards the end of his slot (by some Whitehall fans) which seemed to put him off slightly. Dan Clark gave them a telling off and then got the audience to call the heckler a cunt.

Most of my friends aren't exactly what you call fans of Jack Whithall but I had no pre-judgements when he took to the stage. His jokes are good but his delivery is exactly like Russell Brand's...

It was the first time i'd seen Pappy's Fun Club and they were fantastic. They had the crowd roaring with laughter at their often ridiculous sketches. They seem to have so much fun on the stage; Tom was clearly the stand-out.

Dan Clark was the perfect MC; he looked after his acts and warmed the crowd efficiantly. I thought his musical comedy was very good.

It was such a fun night out and there is no doubt i'll be back for Clark's in November.

A thought.

Lloyd Woolf's Says is a truly wonderful blog.

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