Monday, 26 October 2009

Ready For This? Hammersmith Apollo.

On Friday and Saturday I went to see Tim Minchin (give the biggest gig of his life) at the Hammersmith Apollo. It was so awesome to see him rock out such a huge venue.

I must admit that I laughed (for all the wrong reasons) when he came out in the first half of Friday's show in wet-look polyester leggings (he'd resorted back to skinny jeans after the interval).

There was some hilarious ad-libbing when one of the usher's (who was stood up the front and to the side of the stage) hand-held radios went off and Tim jumed off the stage and got the guy in a head-lock. He took the radio, jumped back on stage, and told the usher he "could have it back after class". When he threw/gave it back, the usher dropped it on the floor and Tim told him he "was sooooo fired!". Tim realised that he'd got terribly distracted and apologized, explaining " it was a Choose You Own Adventure; that was wrestling and now you can have this" and continued with his stand-up.

During Darkside he had 4 little domes positioned around the piano that shot out coloured flames at regular intervals. It was very cool.

The Saturday show (as well as the Sunday show) were being filmed for a DVD. I don't know if anyone else could feel it, but it was like you could cut the pressure in the air with a knife.

There were a few technical hitches; the micrphone kept crackling and the little domes of fire didn't work dure Darkside (which was superb!)... oh, and he completely skipped a verse in If I Didn't Have You.

Bears Don't Dig On Dancing was fun. There was a plant in the front row and when he got up to dance, 4 other bears came out and performed a kind of "It's Like That - Run DMC" style dance routine.

A thought.

One beer = fine. Two beers = embarrassment.

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