Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Weather Party.

I've been reading about the Weather Party on Lloyd Woolf's blog as well as following all the latest updates on twitter for about a month. I was so intrigued at what this party could bring that I went (oh, and I was gently persauded by a friend).

Long story short, Mr Woolf has developed a bit of a love with weathermen (and women) of late and so decided to put on a "buy a weatherperson a drink" bash. The idea was that we all go to a pub, some weatherpeople show up and we chat and buy them drinks. It was also an oppurtunity to raise money for UNICEF's cimate change campaign.

It was a lot of fun. There was a about 20 of us in a cornered off section of a pub in central London, including an ex weather presenter, Benn, and a Meteorologist, Paul.

£39.22 was raised and there was lots of weather related chat. A graphic designer from Innocent Smoothies was among the guests and he'd made us all name tags ("Hello. My name is....". "My preferred weather is...") and little placard's that needed filling in (I met a weatherperson, and tonight I learned..." and "On the date... I promise the weather will be...") which was then signed by either Benn or Paul, depending on who gave you a fact/prediction.

Hello. My name is Simone.

My preferred weather is sunny.

I met a weatherperson, and tonight I learned that the weather in Columbo, Sri-Lanka, is 9 out 0f 10 times wetter than Islamabad, Pakistan, during the wet season (February to March).

On the date 24.09.09, Benn promises the weather will be heavily raining, mainly in the north, with sunny intervals in the south-east.

A thought.

The comment "she's not overweight. Well, she's about Simone's size... but that's not overweight for a 60 year old" will hurt my feelings.

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