Sunday, 13 September 2009

Ready For This? Southampton.

Last night I went to Southampton to see Tim Minchin on his second UK tour of Ready For This?. I was left gobsmacked by the grandeur of it all, Minchin is definitely every inch the rock star. Big fuck-off tour truck? Check. Lighting Designer? Check. Kick-arse set? Check. Keytar? Check. Pyrotechnics? Check.

He oozed confidence during the new "talky bits" and I really enjoyed the call-back from the opening joke in Darkside. The piano solo's have been re-written and the audience seemed to love the addition of one of his older songs in replace of YouTube Lament, as did I.

Roll on Friday and Brighton, I say.

A thought.

Travelling on your own is definitely not as fun as when you travel with friends.

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