Sunday, 20 September 2009

Ready For This? Brighton.

It's always so nice to jump on a train after work on a Friday afternoon bound for fun. This Friday the train was destined for Brighton to see another of Tim Minchin's shows on his second tour of Ready For This?.

Upon arrival we headed to a pub around the corner from the Brighton Dome (where Tim was to be performing that evening) for drinks and lovely chats with the angry (feet)ers - always such a joy.

The audience were very vocal and seemed to know most of Mr. Minchin's work. Loud cheers ensued after each song was introduced; 'If I Didn't Have You' getting the loudest.

I loved how far the Jesika joke has come along since last Saturday and he seemed to be a lot more confident on the keytar.

Jamie was very entertaining and really got into his role as the dancing bear.

The highlights for me were when Tim's voice cracked during 'Confessions' and he promised everyone a 20p refund for his cock-up, when he descibed life as a spiritual Tupperware party ("everyon'e trying to sell you see-through crap you dont need") and the introduction/"talky-bit" to Darkside (he'd bought a new piano and just like a new car, he had to give it a thrashing).

After the show we went and hung out at the stage door and waited for Tim. We were lucky enough to have a little chat before calling it a night. It was also lovely to say a hello to Chris Cox, who had also made the trip south to catch the show.

A thought.

I am awkward.

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