Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Secret Gig. Underworld. Camden. Midnight.

In the wee hours of Monday morning I was at Underworld in Camden watching Amanda Palmer. She started playing at 12.30 and didn't finish until around 3.30; it was AMAZING.

I held a young Americans (Jake) spot in the queue when he went to check if he could go straight through as he was on the guest list. To repay me for the favour, he let me be his +1 and I got to walk straight through too. It allowed me to secure a place close enough that I could at least see her face (that's the problem with being short at standing gigs).

Amanda came out in her underwear and the audience got to dress her by passing up items of clothing. She changed outfits every 3-4 songs which were picked out by Neil Gaimen's daughter, Holly.

Some songs were accompanied by an absolutely stunning and talented viola player, Una, and Neil Gaimen read us all a story from 'Who Killed Amanda Palmer' (their collaborated book).

Set list:

Sex Changes
The Time Has Come (it'd been 2 years since Ms Palmer played this song and she'd forgotten the lyrics. An audience member got the lyrics up un their iphone to help her out.)
Missed Me (with Una on viola)
Blake Says (with Una on viola)
Mandy Goes To Med School
I Google You
Bank of Boston Beauty Queen
(Neil Gaiman reads us a story)
Runs In The Family
Mrs O
Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead cover, AFP on ukelele)
Guitar Hero
Oasis (with puppets)
Girl Anachronism (with puppets)
Bad Habit
Coin Operated Boy
Half Jack (with Una on viola, extended intro)
Leeds United
Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover)
Oasis (again.. at the request of the bar manager who danced onstage with AFP's "stylist", Holly Gaiman.)

During Delilah (a truly emotional song) I looked over at the balcony and Neil was giving Holly a lovely cuddle and they both had the most content smiles on their faces. It was beautiful. I had tears streaming down my face.

There are some truly wonderful photos of the evening by Hannah Daisy here.

A thought.

If I ever came close to writing such an intellingent and articulate blog like my friend Anna, i'll be very pleased indeed.

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