Thursday, 10 September 2009

Clubbing It 100 Style.

Last night I went to the 100 Club for an allstar line-up; Mark Watson, Richard Herring, Freeze!, Angelos Epithemiou and MC, Dan Clark. It was such a good gig, the type of gig that keeps you awake at night thinking about how good it was.

I've never seen or heard of Angelos Epithemiou until I tuned in to Shooting Stars last week. I loved his little dance in a silver spandex suit, but felt that he tended to repeat the same phrases/jokes during his "talk".

I was little bit disappointed by Richard Herring. Don't get me wrong, the material he did was well-written and funny... it's just that i've seen him do it so many times in the past. His Mars Bar gag was very Stuart Lee-esque (plagerism?).

Freeze! was definitely the highlight for me. Tim Key and Tom Basden made me laugh so much that I was left with a serious case of face-ache (the only other time that happened was the first preview of Andrew Maxwell's 'The Lamp' at Fat Tuesday). The Sir Stephen Redgrave sketch became even funnier when the thrown beer ricocheted off the wall and into the audience. Basden's 'Gang Bang Girl' was accompanied by Key, who waned interest when the lyrics turned "horrid". Their set came to an end with a carefully choreographed dance routine, which was absolutely brilliant. I recieved a text about when i'd arrived home that needs sharing: "I can't get over how unsexy Key's dancing was... IT WAS INCREDIBLE!".

Mark Watson headlined the evening with some new stuff sprinkled among the old, and it was as funny and endearing as ever. I love the honesty and observations in his material as I can always relate; the "it's funny 'cause it's true" kind of comedy.

I wasn't really digging Dan Clark as MC and I have no idea why. There was just something about him that left me feeling cold.

A thought.

1am bed times are not really appropriate for someone that has to wake up at 6.30am Monday to Friday.

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