Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Duke Special at UCL.

Last night I went to Duke Special's last gig of the year (they're joining the cast of Mother Courage at The National Theatre).

Mr Special was accompanied by a full band which added to the joy. There was a great mix of old and new songs and the very appreciative crowd danced and sang along to all of them.

I loved watching Ben Castle, Chip Bailey and Paul Pilot... sometimes I was so busy watching them play that I completley forgot Duke was onstage. Duke Special has such a beautiful voice and his charming shyness is enough to melt the hardest of hearts.

He came back to play three encore songs (including a Mother Courage preview); finishing by tipping over the piano and diving off the stage. He took ages to come out for the encore but we were assured it wasn't to whip us into a frenzy, he just "needed the toilet so bad".

A thought.

I think everybody should watch this.

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