Sunday, 27 September 2009

Ready For This? Cambridge.

I really like Cambridge, it's pretty and has a lot of old fashioned bikes with baskets on the front. I had lunch with friends and did a lot of walking. Over lunch we talked to the American's about the differences in common sayings (quite funny) and I was told that I am way too paranoid and I over-think things.

Our tickets said that we were sitting in row E, which turned out to be the front row. It was a pretty good view and my gaze was usually drawn to Tim's hands; particulary good when he played The Good Book, If You Really Loved Me and Darkside. The only downside of sitting front row and slightly to the left of centre meant that the lights were directly in my eyes for Ready For This?, I Love Jesus and Storm.

The bear tonight was a die-hard fan and although he was quite good and threw some pretty funky moves, I think it works better when the he's caught off-guard. Mr Minchin noticed that both spotlights were on the bear and he asked where his spotlight was, cue the most English heckle ever: "it's behind you!".

There were lots of funny little ad-libs about cream. A guy down in front that was 40 but looked about 30 promted Tim to ask what cream he used and it escalated from there. Mr Minchin said that we all had our own associations with cream and that's what made it funny, from the farmers, to those who were fans of the band, to the teenage boys. Whenever there was a slightly awkward pause in the show Tim just had to say "cream" and we all got the giggles.

White Wine In The Sun was sung for encore and it was really, really beautiful. The last time I heard that song live was when I was in Perth and I was sitting next to Mummy and she was holding my hand.

A thought.

Nostalgia is a nice feeling.

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