Sunday, 27 September 2009

Ready For This? High Wycombe.

This was my favourite so far on this tour; a really fun show.

The theatre was really modern and the sound was so crisp, but it did feel very open (and a little empty) and I could only hear the very few people that were sitting around me (I thought it was just a really quiet crowd...).

There were a lot of little mistakes which makes it all the more funnier to those who've seen the show more times than is necessary. The wrong ending was sung during the 2nd movement in Confessions and If I Didn't Have You needed to be re-started 3 times.

There was a guy in the second row (Murray, who turned out to be our bear) who was wearing a really bright and distracting t-shirt and while Tim was talking to him about said shirt someone yelled out "bioluminescnece" which prompted some very hilarious ad-libbing. The funniest for me was the little story about the fish who wouldn't need a night-light while reading in bed.

"Murray-bear" was great. He was wearing baggy black trousers with chains and Tim took one off and attached it to his (zebra/black and white tiger) skinny jeans. When Murray put the bear hat on his "emo fringe" was covering his eyes so he couldn't see and Tim took a few minutes to put this right. I do love the way Mr Minchin plays the keytar as the bear takes off the suit (which was thrown with such force, as was the chair, at John when the sing finished).

Not Perfect was a song that i'd been wanting to hear for encore for a long time, 'twas lovely.

A thought.

I loved the Scooby Doo impression during Storm tonight.

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  1. You're making me all excited about Reading & London, thanks! xx