Monday, 7 September 2009


I've booked a ticket to Amanda Palmer's secret gig on the 13th September. I think it's going to be ace!

"so here we go, yo:

i'll be starting at 12/midnight late sunday the 13th, the night after the second union chapel show.

there won't be any support.

i have no idea how long the show will go...probably until i get too plastered, and/or - more likely - too sleepy.

most likely it will be an all-requests fuckshow of love. i've been brushing up on lots of old songs and i know i won't play half of them at the union chapel shows since we have a REALLY tight curfew there (10:30)."

A thought.

This might just be the best tweet ever! Oh, and 'cunty' should so be a word... "i know this sounds cunty, but can someone pls open a proper dry cleaners in central oxford? my clean trousers smell like a fucking horse." (tweeted by @BenGoldacre).

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