Sunday, 6 September 2009

Deloitte Ignite.

Today I went to The Royal Opera House to catch the free 'New Magic' shows. The first show featured Chris Cox and Ali Cook, and the second Barry and Stuart and Pete Firman.

Chris Cox gave a very enjoyable and tight set and had us all in a fit of giggles when he pulled the piss out of one of his helpers (who was a great sport). I sat with my eyes closed for most of Ali Cook's set as I don't particulary like watching somebody swallow razor blades. Being in the front row meant that I ended up with blood in my lap... not very nice.

Barry and Stuart were okay but Pete Firman was definitley the better out of the two acts. I'd seen most of his tricks before but they never tire, he's always such a joy to watch. I lent him a £5 note which he tore and fused back together. Magical!

A thought.

After a high comes a low. It never ends.

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