Saturday, 10 September 2011

Greenwich Comedy Festival: Tim Minchin. Old Royal Navel College.

For a festival pulling in some huge names, it was extremely unorganised. So many things go wrong with unorganised gigs and these are a few we experienced: an incredibly late start, a seating plan that was all over the place, cables falling down in the middle of the gig, set times that didn't make sense and difficulty exiting the venue. For someone who likes order, I found it hard to enjoy the awesome acts which included Dan Antopolski, Tim Key, Holly Walsh, Tim Minchin and MC, Dan Atkinson.

Dan Antopolski had a long set and seemed a little bit overwhelmed by the size of the audience. Minchin permitted him to use his piano for his final piece; a hidden talent. Walsh and Key made the best of their 10 minutes, but it just wasn't long enough. NOT HAPPY.

To annoy the heckler that shouted "tell us a joke" before Key's "war poetry", Minchin played with the microphone for about 5 minutes before explaining "I thought it would make her [the heckler] angry". I was very pleased that he played 'The Pope Song' and I loved the new stand-up/adaptions of old stand-up (SPOILER ALERT: "she's not even adopted... as if i'd go to Moldova... or bring up someone else's skanky child").

As always, Atkinson was pure brilliance.

A thought.

It was a lovely surprise to see The Wagontales playing next to the bar upon arrival.

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