Saturday, 10 September 2011

Daniel Kitson And The Post-Fringe Gala Bash. The Union Chapel.

A last minute gig to showcase some of The Invisible Dot and Daniel Kitson's favourite acts from the Edinburgh Fringe. Nick Helm, Colin Hoult, Sheeps, Dan Antopolski, Tony Law and Neil Hamburger made the cut.

Kitson is good at the ol' audience banter - I think he was very proud of the numerous jibes directed at a lady who thought she had the best job; a sex therapist. I also loved how he recalled the mishaps he'd had during the day: "I thought that story would have a few more laughs in it than that".

Nick Helm was funny and scary and adorable and sounded like he'd been eating gravel. Such a talented comic! I'm so pleased his show was nominated for the Foster's Comedy Award - much deserving.

Sheeps' sketches are just wonderful, their Oliver sketch is a fave, but I felt they struggled in the HUGE venue. I think it was mainly to do with microphones.

Tony Law is so funny ("I like to call this "very long build up, tiny little punchline""). I prefer watching a set to a full show - less exhausting. Ha.

It was the first time seeing Neil Hamburger and his shtick wasn't for me. Not a big fan of one liners. Daniel Kitson quipped "I like how angry he makes some people".

For a more conclusive review, look no further than Anna's blog.

A thought.

I like how Scottish people say "soup".

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