Sunday, 4 September 2011

Edinburgh Fringe 2011. Day Five.

Tom Bell: Tom Bell Begins. Tron. Warm stuffy rooms and hangovers don't mix well. I liked all the bits, but felt it was too disjointed as a whole. I agree with all the sentiments in this review.

Jigsaw. Pleasance Courtyard. Nat Luurtsema, Thomas Craine and Dan Antopolski join forces to form the brilliant sketch trio, Jigsaw. An hour of strong, tight sketches that were superbly acted. Loved it.

Colin Hoult: Inferno. Pleasance Courtyard. I love Colin Hoult's characters, but I felt they were a bit lost in the large venue that is Pleasance Two. As a theatre piece, I thought it was excellent; as a comedy, not so much.

Henry Paker: Cabin Fever. Pleasance Courtyard. I just adore Henry Paker's slightly bizarre observational material. He's still yet to top his routine about how he starts his day. "HENRY PAKER DOESN'T WAIT FOR TOAST" makes me laugh just thinking about it.

A thought.

I met an online friend in person. She was very nice. Most of my online friends I have met in person have been very nice.

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