Sunday, 4 September 2011

Edinburgh Fringe 2011. Day Six.

The Choob. The Counting House. This was recommended to me by a friend. She failed to warn me that a man in his underwear might dance over me; it happened... at 12pm... Fringe time. Absurd little "whodunit" character comedy show.

Matthew Crosby: Adventure Party. Matthew Crosby nailed the commentary at The Wrestling and also put on a fine solo show. I also heard he was an amazing judge at Karaoke Circus. Nice one, sir! His chat with a girl in the audience who'd lost her job at Nando's because she "wasn't very good" was very funny.

Eric Lampaert. Pleasance Courtyard. Half an hour of show and half an hour of getting distracted. Plenty of laughs. A few routines which i'd heard a few too many times, though.

Mark Watson. Guilded Balloon. A properly structured show for a first preview, the only thing that was missing were a few more jokes. Rather self-deprecating.

Anyone For Tennis?: Prepare To Be Tuned. Guilded Balloon. This was my penultimate Fringe show and I was rather shattered. Stupid drunk lady behind pissed me off throughout by being incredibly loud (chatting/eating crisps/dropping things/looking through her bag). 'Time of the Month' made me crease - LOVE IT.

Horne Section. Assembly Gardens. There was time for one last spin of the wheel at the end of this show (hadn't happened at the other 2 shows i'd seen) which stopped on Scottish Medley; I can die happy now. Guests included Tim Vine, The Magnets and Paul Foot.

I couldn't breathe due to laughing during Paul Foot's set. Oh my goodness, the funniest thing i'd seen in some time; impulsive comedy is my absolute fave. He was going to conduct the band while he did "an old joke about cake" and then started commenting on how he was going to stand and what his face was going to look like which progressed into a story about a conductor with fruit growing out of his face. I had to do controlled breathing after he shouted "DO IT AGAIN AND FACE THE WRATH OF MY GUAVA!" at Joe Stilgoe for fear of passing out.

Paul Foot, you are my comedy hero!

A thought.

There were 2 things that I hated at the Fringe this year: 1) unnecessary PowerPoint and 2) fake corpsing.

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