Saturday, 10 September 2011

Camden Fringe. Camden Head. Etcetera Theatre.

James W Smith: Living In Syntax. Well structured and polished show. His influences were very apparent. Thoroughly enjoyed.

Richard Tyrone Jones Has A Big Heart. A story about Richard's struggle with heart failure interspersed with poetry. Wonderful.

Leads and Stern. Average sketches. Not bad.

Iszi Lawrence's Watnot. A work-in-progress show. I think it'll be swell when it's finished; very open and honest.

Rob Deb: A Comic Book Guy. Most of the things that Rob Deb talked about went over my head.

The Pauly Show. I LOVED THIS SHOW. Really silly and a little bit awkward - right up my street. He deserved a much bigger audience.

Luke Toulson: Laid-Back Grouch. It was certainly apparent when watching Luke Toulson, that a comedy master was at work. Ace show. Would've liked more music, though.

Guardian Reader. Definitely not for me. That is all i'm going to say.

Moon Horse vs. The Mars Men Of Jupiter. A silly story with songs and lots of props. Adorable.

The Trap: X. I really did think I was going to enjoy it much more than I actually did. I'm not sure who's to blame...

A thought.

I enjoyed volunteering at the Camden Fringe. I met some very lovely people and saw some great shows.

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