Friday, 2 September 2011

Edinburgh Fringe 2011. Day Three.

The List Operators For Kids Do Compooters. Pleasance Courtyard. My friend Rachel and I enjoyed this, I think, much more than all the children in the audience. Oh, how I wish I could've taken my little sister to see this show! "Hashtag lame".

Jay Foreman: We're Living In The Future. Underbelly. It was a last minute decision to see this after lunch (sushi at Bonsai - YUM). A little bit Tom Basden, but lacking the charm.

The Behemoth. Pleasance Courtyard. Such inventive and original sketches from John-Luke Roberts and Nadia Kamil. I cried into a jar to help make Nadia rise from the dead. Loved the choreographed dance routine instead of blackouts. Ace review from my friend, Anna, here.

Fringe Comedy Academy: Class Of 2011. The Stand. My mate, James Walker, did his second gig ever. HE WAS THE BESTEST. See? So proud.

The Wrestling. Pleasance Courtyard. Holy shit, this gig was off the hook! My first taste of professional wrestling; I watched through my fingers, aghast. Max Olesker and Andrew Maxwell are my new heroes.

A thought.

The biggest, meanest, muscliest looking man I have ever seen fell on me at The Wrestling. I survived.

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