Sunday, 4 September 2011

Edinburgh Fringe 2011. Day Four.

Smith & Beckett. Whistlebinkies. Ian Smith is the finest up-and-coming comedian I had the chance to see at the Fringe. My only criticism is that his set was very similar to his Lunchtime Club one from last year.

Hannah Gadsby: Mrs Chuckles. Gilded Balloon. I really dislike the Gilded Balloon, but I very much like Hannah Gasby and her "if she was any more laid back, she'd be horizontal" approach to comedy. A delightful, slow paced, hour of stories about growing up in a small Tasmanian town.

Alex Horne: Seven Years In The Bathroom. Pleasance Dome. What a busy show! Alex Horne fits our entire lives into one hour of stand-up. Fun. Once again, i'd like to state how much I love his vocalised thoughts.

Tim Key: Masterslut. Pleasance Dome. I didn't think it was possible for him to top Slutcracker, but my goodness he did. I salute you, Tim Key. The most structured, beautiful show I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Brilliant films, awesome props, wonderful poems, excellent banter. Having Daniel Kitson giggling behind me was an added highlight.

Horne Section. Assembly Gardens. The show wasn't as enjoyable from the back of the room... Guests included Boy With Tape On His Face (I adore his Lady In Red routine so much!), Antonio Forcione (TALENT), Fork and Tim Key.

A thought.

Vodka is not my friend. Rachel is.

I drank an awful lot in an attempt to keep up with my lovely friend Rachel (above) and it just couldn't be done. I know I did a lot of rambling, but i'm not entirely sure what I said. Rachel ROFLed down The Royal Mile. Literally. The next day, I experienced my first ever hangover and it was HORRIBLE.


  1. That's my face!
    Love you Simoné. xx

  2. Put on the internet by someone else in a non-creepy way. xx