Sunday, 4 September 2011

Edinburgh Fringe 2011. Day Five.

Tony Law: Go Mr Tony Go!. The Stand. Hilarious, yet exhausting. I really enjoy Law's running commentary throughout his material. I don't know how he managed to do an hour of high energy comedy each day during the Fringe.

Joanna Neary: Youth Club. The Stand. Adorable! Loads of characters, a few songs and dancing. What's not to like? I would like to be Joanna Neary please.

Footlights: Pretty Little Panic. Pleasance Dome. Slick. Professional. Slightly homoerotic. The sillier the sketches were, the more I enjoyed them. Also, the 4 chaps were very easy on the eye.

David Reed: Shamblehouse. Pleasance Courtyard. "Combining extreme silliness with moments of total poignancy, Reed is utterly captivating, and the audience hang on his every word" - couldn't agree more. David Reed is a highly talented performer and writer and I am a huge fan.

A thought.

I was meant to see Humphrey Ker's award winning show before David Reed, but I am inept and therefore missed out. I think i'm the only one of my friends that haven't seen it. Awful.

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