Sunday, 27 March 2011

Ten-Year Self Improvement Plan. Update Seven.

Initial plan can be found here. This is my progress:

1) My review of Moab is my Washpot: Hmm. That's an acceptable review, right? I'm not that clued up about Stephen Fry, but i'm trying to see why people like him. He leaves me a bit cold to be honest. One of my friends said that people like him because he is smart and liking him makes you seem smart. WELL FUNNY.

I dog-eared a good bit and now i'm going to tell you it. Page 176: "I am sorry to borrow from others so much, but to do it one last time, I bring Montaigne to my defence: I quote others only the better to express myself".

I dog-eared a lot of pages actually. The thing is, he used such large words that I need to look up the meaning or referred to someone I didn't know and had to research.

I also read Mark Watson's Bullet Points. I must admit that it didn't draw me in at first due to not liking the main character. The twist at the end made me so guilty for not liking him and I really wanted to have a good cry; I finished this book while waiting to see a doctor.

2) A friend and I went to a Q&A screening of Submarine and afterwards in the foyer, I built up the courage to talk to Joe Dunthorne. THE JOE DUNTHORNE. He was so lovely. On the bus on the way home, I thought about lots of things that I wanted to ask and say to him.

3) Done and done.

4) This has largely turned into storing draft texts on my phone. My thoughts seem to have become quite philosophical.

5) I'm rather rubbish at this task. I have been emailing with a friend in Australia whom I plan to catch up with when I go home. She's pregnant (a little girl; naww) and we plan to go baby shopping - i'll have to act like a grown up!

6) I am losing, but not very much. I went to the doctor last week and have to go for a blood test. I may have polycystic ovaries or an under-active thyroid. GREAT.

A thought.

I've indulged in my own company a lot lately. I'm turning into quite the recluse.


  1. Glad to hear you're making progress :-) (I hope everything turns out OK with the blood test though).

    I'm half-way through Bullet Points and haven't read it for ages. I was struggling to engage too but your comments have made me want to give it another shot. Thanks dude!

  2. I cried at Bullet Points too. Try Eleven if you haven't already, it's more uplifting.

    MOAB didn't have much of an impact on me. I still view Stephen Fry the same way as I did before I read the book. Perhaps I knew too much before reading it?

    Good luck with tests. I just had some done too, nothing wrong, just being pro-active and getting things checked now that I'm middle-aged. :)

    I think there's a lot to be said for indulging in your own company sometimes. It can be a nice relief. Everyone needs downtime sometimes.